Dean Edge Q6 6-string FS

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    Apr 30, 2002
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    Great condition Dean Edge Q6 6-string bass in dark purple stain finish. This bass has EXCELLENT feel and touch, along with a great tone for being a "budget" bass. 24 frets, two Dean EMG-licensed humbucker pickups, black hardware. Comes with a new black Levy's Leather deluxe gigbag about 2 months old.

    If you're looking for a introductory 6-string or just something as a great backup, this is your bass. Great, comfortable string spacing and a fast neck.

    Asking $350 shipped. Only reason I'm selling this bass is I need to free up some extra cash for some upcoming bills- definitely not because of lack of playing! It sees action for easily 50% of our show.

    Pictures available upon request, so just email/PM me and I'll shoot you 6-8 of 'em.