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Dean Edge Select 5 vs. ESP C-305

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by spatters, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Got any opinions on the sound or build quality? I've found neither locally.

    I already know the following: 1) The Dean is Czech, the ESP Korean. 2) Both use passive EMG pickups with a preamp, though the ESP has exposed pole pieces. 3) Both are neck-through 5-strings, which I want. 4) I was impressed with the build quality on cheaper Deans, but the string spacing is *really* tight. 5) I'd rather not spend the extra $600+ for a G&L 2500.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I almost bought an Edge Select 5. I went and played one at my local guitar shop. I thought it was awesome, but like you said a little tight on the string spacing. there was also a ESP in stock. I really liked the finish of the ESP, it seemed more natural than the candy coated Dean.
    anyway, what I'm sayin is, I think they're both awesome and I don't think you could go wrong with either. I think you may get a little more for your money with the Dean. I know it comes with Grover tuners. not sure what the ESP has. I would say get the Dean. I also like that talon inlay better then the C-305 or what ever on the ESP.
    have you seen the Dean Razor NT 5? that thing is cool! if you like the look of expensive instruments, that thing looks like a million bucks. the brass nut and bridge are cool too. :)
  3. Didn't know they made a 5, but I'm with you there: the NT really looks suave. Unfortunately I want a humbucker sound so the Razors are out.

    I actually don't like the Dean fretboard inlay, but the "LTD" headstock on the ESP is ugly, so I'm calling that one a draw.

    Any word on tone? How'd they sound? Were they set up cleanly? Thanks for the low down...
  4. actually I never plugged it in (the Dean). but I have an Edge 4, and I like the tone of that. the set up was what you would expect from a floor model. I do know that when I set up my Edge 4, it set up beautifully. I got it set up with flatwounds and get an awesome thump with a hint of growl. awesome low action. the 5 piece necks of the Deans are awesome. the thing is so stable, I live in Michigan where the weather can be 70 one day and 30 the next. and when I pull my Dean out of the gig bag, it's almost always in tune.
    I hope that helps some.
    you don't like that talon inlay? I thought it looked sweet. :cool:
  5. sorry, I forgot... I never plugged in the ESP either.
    at the time, I really wanted a new bass, and my wife really wanted me to stop wanting one. so... I held back when I was in there, as not to build up too much GAS. I do know that the Dean has a thin (front to back) neck. depends on the finish, but if you get the oiled neck, it's really fast. the painted necks have that thick clearcoat on 'em that some people love and some people hate. I don't mind 'em untill my hands get sweaty.

    the overall construction on both basses was great. I'd give the Dean the edge being it's from the czech rep. (that doesn't mean it's better, just that they probably paid the workers more in the factory) but the quality of korean made instruments is awesome these days. so.....
  6. Philbiker

    Philbiker Pat's the best!

    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA
    Based on the experience I've had with my Edge 5 fretless I would buy another Dean in a heartbeat. I've tried the Czech Edge Select and it is truly a very nice instrument. IMO much better build and finish quality than the ESP which I have also played in music stores.

    The Edge Select is made in the same Czech facilities that make Spector basses, you easily can see the construction and layout is very similar. These old world craftsman have a tradition of musical instrument manufacture going back many hundreds of years to great classical pieces. I have played a five string with tight spacing like that and a gloss neck (a Peavey Dyna-Bass) and unless you're slapping (and maybe even if you are) I can tell you from my experience that you'll probably get used to it and learn to love it. (at least I did). My Edge 5 fretless is pretty tight and I love the neck much better than my roomier USA Fender Jazz V.

    I wouldn't even classify these two basses in the same category. Get the Dean. :)

    Note: this opinion is extremely biased as I am a very happy Dean owner. :) When looking at the ESP the 5 piece neck construciton looks EXACTLY like my Dean Edge and my brother's DeArmond Pilot Pro. I believe the bassesare made in the same factory using the same methods and by the same people. They did a fantastic job on my Edge.

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