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Dean Evo XM Bass- advice needed

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by scottie65, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. scottie65


    Jul 31, 2013
    New Mexico
    Does anyone have experience with one of these. It is a 30" scale but the way it looks it should be comfortable to play. I have no idea of the weight but it looks like humbucking pickups and could be a descent guitar to try out. I am looking for something comfortable to play and was wondering if anyone knows anything good or bad about this one.

    upload_2014-6-11_18-54-20. upload_2014-6-11_18-54-20.
  2. Definitely try one out. I found it comfortable and tempting. You may find it to be neck-divey. I'd pay no more than $150 used.
  3. No input on the evo bass, but I must say that it is a nice looking bass.

    I was in a local pawn shop a few months ago and they had an Evo guitar there. I picked it up and the first thing I noticed how light that thing was. It was insanely light, and judging by the look of it I expected it to be heavy. Whatever these things are made out of must be very lightweight, unless it was just the case of that one example.

  4. I've had one of these for a couple of months.

    Sorry for the massive photo I've not got round to shrinking them yet. It weighs next to nothing, seems well build with quite a flat radius
    to the neck. Easy neck to get around on.

    Sound wise here I have a dilemma, mines came with light gauge strings that I didn't take too so planned on changing them for Nylons and
    they're not here yet. It was also fitted with an EMG BTC tone control, I don't know if that's standard. So I'm afraid it's not been played much.
    I gave it a short blast when I saw your post but with me looking for the Flats on it and a heavier gauge I can't be too objective.

    It's a decent bass with humbuckers, very light, wee bit playing with your strap length will get it hanging right,24 frets but I don't generally
    go that high and I don't do slap though I can't see many folks wanting to slap on a bass like this so can't really comment on that side of things.

    If the price is right I'd definitely consider it, I've no problem with the body shape comfort-wise. I just know heavier Nylons will give me the deeper
    tone I'm after course black on white will look better too.

    if there's anything in particular ask away and I'll try and answer it.
  5. bobodechimp


    May 22, 2011
    Canonsburg pa
    Love mine. But i repainted it. The finish is the only real prob. It flakes of like nothing. And the pickups are a wee dark. So though a dark amp it can get muddy. With a briter amp out has a almost full scale zing to it. And no neck dive. But i have never has a prob with neck dive even when i play neck divers like icemen or thunder birds.
  6. bobodechimp

    Funny I've never been bothered by neck dive either, when I suggested to one guy that he keep his
    hands on the bass instead of gesturing to the crowd he got offended.

    Jeez some people.

    The finish flaking off, is there any areas I should keep an eye on. Like I said above mines has barely
    been played but that'll change when the flats arrive. So are they prone to buckle rash or is it just in
    general a problem.
  7. scottie65


    Jul 31, 2013
    New Mexico
    What do you mean by saying that you can not see people wanting to slap on a bass like this? Is it due to it's string height or would you recommend a different style of bass to satisfy a blues, soul, and also slap playing ? I guess I am wondering if a different type of pickup neck or body style would lend itself to the above styes I mentioned. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all.
  8. I guess I mean I can't really remember seeing anybody slapping a LP shape bass.As I said slap is not a style I do
    but tried it before the last post and it didn't feel right. Now that might be down to the light gauge strings that
    are on it.

    I don't feel you get enough bottom end with light gauge hence changing to tapes. It'll play blues and soul all day
    with those on it, but tapes aren't the ideal strings for slap. Now the reason I bought the Evo was an interest in
    playing a short scale, it came on the market at a very reasonable price and from a reputable UK bass player so I
    bought it. I never set out to buy an Evo.

    Not being a slap player I'm not really the one to give advice on that aspect apart from personally I didn't think
    it was suited, If i want to slap I'll use my P bass or my Curbow.
  9. RED J

    RED J Lol

    Jan 23, 2000
    The thing I find cool about these is the neck heel is full width, like a Fender full scale. I like short scales, but to me, it's a very un-short scale feeling short scale. On the down side, I don't like the way it balances in sitting position.
  10. Popped the Nylons on it today.

    Totally different bass, for the better I might add.

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