Dean Markley Bass Strings

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  1. SOLD!

    I realize this seems like a dealer or a hoax, but bear with me! I bought 10 packs of bass strings for a 5-string bass, but I never got used to the fiver. Hence, I am now left with 8 packs of unopened, perfectly good bass strings!

    They are Dean Markley Nickelsteel Bass strings
    ML-5 - 2604B

    $15 a pack, or all 8 packs for $100 (price is firm and does not include actual shipping - which I can tell you based on what method you want and where you live). I take Paypal and have good ebay history. I can also provide some references or whatever info, if you need.

    I've actually considered just using 4 of the 5 strings and throwing away the low B, but I figure someone out there must have a better use than that!
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    Apr 18, 2004
    Central CA
    Are these long scale? Does anyone know if they will fit a 35" scale bass? I couldn't find the length even on DM's website but for that price I am interested.
  3. I emailed the guys at DM and hopefully I'll get an answer for you soon. Anyone else know?
  4. Bump. No word from DM on length of strings yet...