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Dean Markley Blue Nickels

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Lowner, May 3, 2006.

  1. Lowner


    May 14, 2005
    Over Here
    The Guitar Center in my area had a box of bass and guitar strings both sets and singles on the counter and every set was 10.99. I found 2 sets of Dean Markley Blue Nickels. I have never used Dean Markley strings before. What do blue nickels sound like? Also it says they are cryogenically activated. What does that mean?
  2. Lowner


    May 14, 2005
    Over Here
    You mean to tell me no one in this forum has ever used dean Markley Blue Nickels before.
  3. woody357

    woody357 Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2005
    Get you some Ken Smiths Burners, you wont be sorry.
  4. Deguello462

    Deguello462 Guest

    May 3, 2006
    I think Les Claypool uses Dean Markley nickels if you want to hear what the tone is like.
  5. Snarf


    Jan 23, 2005
    Glen Cove, NY
    Didn't know DM made blue nickels. I'm a big fan of their blue steels though.

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