For Sale Dean Markley Blue Steel NPS used strings for Rickenbacker

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    Want to try a set of Dean Markley Blue Steel Nickel Plated strings on your Rickenbacker 4001/4003?
    This set has about 4 hours on it. This is essentially a new set of strings. They are .045 .065 .080 .100
    I have used Blue Steels for about 20 years. They are great strings.
    The cryogenic treatment really does make them last a LONG time.

    I decided to try these nickel plated Blue Steels for a bit more mellow sound. Yes, the NPS have a more mellow sound.
    They are great and all but I want to try flats on my Ric and I'd like to sell these strings first.
    I'll remove them as carefully as possible so you can slip 'em on your tuners and go.

    $12 shipped continental US only, Paypal OK
    Please PM/conversation me with any inquiries.
    I rely on the email notification that I received your PM. I might not see a reply in this thread for a long time.


    If you want to try a set of the stainless Blue Steels, I have this set which has about 10 hours on it.
    They are .045 .065 .080 .100 They sound as fresh and zingy as a new set.
    I'm just not playing this Ric very much lately. Also looking maybe to go with flats on her as well.
    I am asking $12 shipped for this set.

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