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dean markley fretmasters

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by nil, Nov 20, 2000.

  1. has anyone had experience with Dean Markley Fretmaster and Ground Round strings? i'm keen on trying them to save my poor pinky (i play a few sliding lines, my current half-dead Rotosound stainless' are ripping my fingers apart!), but 'cause things are SO DAMN EXPENSIVE on this island (but a paradise in every other way! ;) ). do strings like these still retain brightness and sustain?

    tonite looks like the night to rip my Ric apart, do the capacitor fix, and try out some new Blue Steel NPS's (at $71 after me pro discount, ye gods!). the 4 strings shall sing again!
  2. nil,

    The DM Fretmasters are cool strings in my opinion. They have round windings over the pickups, but compressed windings over the fingerboard. Hence, roundwound sound, and ground wound feel. I've had them on one of 4 strings for a while, and they seem to be staying fairly bright for a long time.

    I am liquidating my inventory, and have some of these for sale cheap (see my ad in the bass guitar gear for sale forum).
    You didn't fill out your profile - what island do you live on?


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