Dean rating ne-1?

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What do you think of dean basses?

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  1. Tha shiznit

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  2. good

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  3. lame

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  4. dont go there

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  1. cb_sk8er

    cb_sk8er Guest

    May 18, 2001
    Joice, IA.
    What does everybody think of dead basses?:D
  2. I like their basses. I have an edge 4 amberburst, I think it plays very sweet. nice low action, fast neck, good looks. the emg pickups aren't half bad. only thing I dont like is the basswood body, but at $329 I have zero complaints.
  3. The Edge 4 and 5 basses are a great bass for the beginner/novice. For less than $1000 (sale price) the Edge Improv basses are a steal for a professional quality bass and will rival basses costing much more. I don't dig the Edge 1 at all, not even for a beginner.