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Decent first bass???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kekambas, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. kekambas


    Dec 5, 2004
    Hi, my name is Chad, and i've been a clarinet/sax player for over 8 years. I have my own jazz cd, and yet I have never really enjoyed classical and jazz that much. Mostly I did it to pay back my parents for all the lessons they gave me etc etc etc.

    My true passion is punk/metal/ska type stuff. So i decided that I'm going to start learning bass. Mainly, i want to use it for doing some fun outdoor band stuff at my college. you know, small gig/performance type stuff.

    Of course, my very first thing i look for in a bass is one that LOOKS KEWL! :p ya i know its a stupid thing to consider, but i needed something that looks AWESOME. then i want somehting thatll hold up well. so then i saw the Steinberger Spirit XT-2. heres a link to the site where id buy it from:


    i think that thing looks AWESOME, and the reviews that i have read say that its a great travel bass. you know, nothing too pro, but something chicks will dig and i can have fun with while practicing in my basement.

    Sadly, i don't have much money right now. I promised id pay my parents back for the $6000 Saxophone (its the best sax out there on the market...EVER. its known as a Mark 6) so $300 is a GREAT range.

    please give me comments about this bass, and if you guys have found anything that would be better, and still maintains a COOL APPEARANCE!

    Thanks for all your help

  2. Just to clarify, you are looking for an electric bass, right? You said guitar, but the link was to a Steinberger bass. Anyways.. my experience with the MusicYo stuff is that it decent. I played one of the Musicyo Tobias basses, and while I wasn't anything great, it certainly wasn't bad. There are other good basses out there in your price range... the Peavey Grind comes to mind, and there also also some nice Yamaha basses in that price range. Yamaha's low end stuff is great, IMO.. I played an RBX-260 that played so nice. If you want something nicer, you could look for a used MTD Kingston or Cort Curbow on ebay. Both of these basses play very nicely and sound great.
  3. Timbo


    Jun 14, 2004
    I would imagine something like that extremely uncomfortable.. It looks like something you couldn't play sitting down..
  4. kekambas


    Dec 5, 2004
  5. kekambas


    Dec 5, 2004
    thanks, could i get a link for that Rondo music???


    p.s. damn i REALLY LIKE THAT CORT CURBOW, espescially in da satin blue....u guys like that bass as well???
  6. Yeah the Cort Curbow is great. I'm sitting here with my Cort Curbow 6 right now, actually. It's a great looking instrument, I love the tiny body with the huge neck. As far as sound goes, it's a "modern" sort of sound, pretty balanced, not a ton of growl, but just a good, well rounded tone.
  7. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA
    Didn't someone say that Rondo was offering a Thunderbird or Explorer now? Just something with a different look if thats what he is after.

    I say check out Schecters. You can get a nice Stiletto Elite4 for around $300-350 used. I have one and love it.

    I know alot of other bassist here don't like them, but a Schecter Devil or Scorpion Tribal might fit the look your after. You might be able to get one for around $400-450 Devil Tribal

    BTW, those cheap BC Rich Warlocks like the one you listed are not worth your time. I hate to say that being a BC Rich fan but its the truth. The hardware and electronics are pure garbage.
  8. DannyB


    Aug 17, 2004
    I play an SX bass, the SPJ-62.. it seems to be available intermittently on Rondo... It's a Precision bass body with Precision and Jazz pickups. I paid $109 for it (i think...) and it sounds really nice. Pickups are really good, but you might want to learn a bit about soldering and wiring in the long run as your pots might go out. I've got my action extremely low and get no fret buzz, the finish is great, the neck is pretty good, and overall my combo booms with tone.
    To boot, send an email to Rondo... any question..... best bet is that (during business hours anyhow) you will have a reply within the hour. They care about customers, so if your $109 gets you a lemon, they'll send another. Go with an SX from Rondo, and you'll end up with something great to play and have enough to take the ol' lady out for dinner that night.

    (note: my wife condones the use of ol' lady)
  9. FireAarro


    Aug 8, 2004
    As a note, the Curbow might smell a little of petroleum or something. From what I've heard, I suggest you avoid the MusicYo and the cheap BC Rich stuff.
  10. Hmmm.

    A couple things:

    1. The Steinberger Spirit is an extremely uncomfortable, for me, instrument to play. You can't relaly play it sitting down, even though it does have a plastic "arm" that swings down to brace against your leg. Plus the tone coming from the pickups isn't anything to really write home about. It's ok, but you aren't going to find anyone really being happy about it.

    Frankly the only reason anyone would get it is because it travels well and is relatively easy to play on a train, which is why I got it, otherwise I'd steer clear of it.

    2. If you're playing for the first time and want to "test the waters" so to speak then a Sx/Brice bass wouldn't be a bad choice. Good quality with an attractive price. The downsides to these basses is that you'll need to have a local music shop do a "setup" on it. This involves setting the relief, string height and intonation. Many of these basses end up having minor problems with the soldering in the wiring. This isn't a major job if there's a problem so it shouldn't be a big deal for anyone who has had experience with a soldering iron.

    A few good Sx/Brice examples:

    Rondo Music homepage

    a. SX SJB 62 CT. I own, and like, this one.

    b. SX VEB LTD Limited Edition. Looks pretty good.

    c. SX SPJ-62. This one is a P+J pickup design, a hybrid between the Precision and the Jazz type basses. It gives you the thump of a Precision with the bridge pickup of a Jazz. Doesn't really sound like a Jazz though so if that's the sound you like, this won't be it.

    d. SX SPB-57 Short Scale. This is a short scale P, for Precision, bass. A standard scale is 34" while a short scale is about 30". The difference is that the frets will be much closer together and that makes it much easier to play. A number of people play on short scale basses by choice so it's all up to you.

    e. SX SJB-62 Short Scale. Same as "d" above.

    *shrug* keep in mind that most people will advise you to go to your local music shops to try out different basses. Buying mail order can be sometimes a hit or miss experience, especially if you're unsure of what you want.

    Hope this helped.
  11. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Steinies are cute!
    Only competing with Danelectro Longhorn, in that price level, but they seem to be discontinued... :bawl:
  12. The SX SJB 62 CT in Vintage Yellow looks sweet :D

    I've got a fretless SX Jazz on the way - can't wait to play with it.
  13. I have the sjb-62 CT in sunburst and it plays pretty nice. IMHO no defects really anywhere and the setup was pretty easy as it was just slightly off on the intonation. Didn't have to do anything with the string height or neck. It plays nice too.
  14. 5stringDNA


    Oct 10, 2002
    Englewood, CO
    For what you want, I really wouldn't reccomend the Steinberger. Second of all, having a cool-looking bass is not a very good way to pick up chicks- either that or I have been sorely deceived.

    The Scheters look a bit unconventional, and are actually very decent basses- the few I have played sounded and played quite nice despite their $300 pricetag. My standard newbie reccomendation list is as follows:


    All these companies make a quality bass under $300 new.
  15. Dincrest


    Sep 27, 2004
    New Jersey
    How about something like the Traben Element or Torrent? Those have a cool "metal" look that's stylish and ergonomic without being gaudy. I think some folks here dug Traben basses, though the look isn't for everyone. The look is "metal" to me but wouldn't look too out of place at a non-metal gig.


    Another possibility is the ESP LTD F104. Those basses look metal without being cheesy and would look less out of place at a non-metal gig than, say, a Warlock. The F also has a 35" scale, so if you like to detune, the extra scale length is good.


    Granted I've never played a Traben or an ESP/LTD (though I was seriously considering an ESP/LTD when I was shopping for entry-level 6-string basses) but most folks who've played ESPs dug them and ESP is said to have good QC on their stuff. I haven't heard too many bad reviews about Trabens...though part of that may be that I don't know too many people who *have* played them in the first place.

    Like others said, the Yamaha RBX basses are great. I dig the body shape- it looks more modern than the classic P and J shapes. Yamaha has some of the better entry-level basses out there.

    EDIT: And while these basses may be a tad beyond the $300 price point, they are surprisingly good. I talk about the Samick Cobra and Tabu basses. I can already hear doors slamming since most people equate Samick with crap. Not so! Ever since Greg Bennett revamped the guitar line, Samick's gotten better. I love my Samick Fairlane 6 bass and I totally dug the Cobra bass I played (I don't think the Tabu is that much different from the Cobra). I'm kinda a/the resident Samick advocate, so...