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  1. So i decided after seeing many cabs and trying them to go with avatar for reasonings of cheap money, good sound, and seen nothing but god reviews mostly from them. I cant go buy hugely expensive edens so i think this will do me justice.

    I will be getting a 4x10 by them should i put another 4x10 with it or maybe a 2x12 or a 1x15??? Im gonna put a QSC RMX2405 and an ampeg SVP preamp ontop. Any suggestions?

  3. I'd go 212...keep the bottom punchy....Not to sidetrack this thing...but how do you like the RMX?Have you tested it with a cab?
  4. Havent trie4d it personally but ive heard it plaeyed on and was satisfied by the sound i heard plus of reviews from many palyers, the insight of a few master bass players, and the cheapness of it...

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    If you're primarily a four string guy,then two 4x10 cabs will work out great.Even a 4x10 and a 2x10 would work fine.
    If you ever plan on getting a 5 or 6 string bass,then I'd opt for a 4x10,and 2x12 combination.The 2x12 will give you a little more depth in your lows without sounding too boomy.
    Get some casters for those Avatar cabs.They sound great,but they're heavy.
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    Jun 5, 2003
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    sorry to invade on your thread XPshychoticXPyr

    but does anyone know if the avatar 2x12 works well as a standalone cab? it says it can handle 1000 w rms which seems like A LOT to me, and it produces good high and low frequencies
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    I'll let you know when I get mine this week. I spoke to Dave and he recommended the 2x12 over the 4x10 as a stand alone. He said that the 2x12 would give you the better lows without sacrificing too much highs, whereas the 4x10 would be punchy but the bottom would be missing. I don't plan on getting another cabinet anytime soon, so I took his word for it. Thing is too, he recommended a LESS EXPENSIVE cabinet to me, which is cool cuz he'd rather have me as a happy customer over making a few bucks more. That's kickass in my book.
  8. NP Kenny heh this is afterall for anyones knowledge no need to be sorry bro.Thanx for the responses guys i play a 4 string now but may end up getting a warwick streamer 5 so i may do the 4x10 and 2x12 but if not ill probably do the 4x10 x2.

  9. how do the avatar 2x12's handle the low B. I was thinking of buying 2 cabs for so i can have 4x12's:eek: and destroy my guitar players (insert evil laugh).:hyper:
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    It handles a low B fabulously,and without the extra "boom" that swallows some other freqs like a 15 does.If you buy one,you won't be sorry.