Decision time: SX SJB-62 Short Scale, or Cort Action Bass Junior?

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  1. I've been looking for a well-made "modern" short-scale for quite some time. For the price (both sub $300 CDN) the SX and Cort basses seem very good, and very easy to upgrade if desired. I've seen a lot of praise for the SX basses, and a few nods for the Cort as well. Ultimately, the deciding issue for me is how comfortable each is - I've read some notes that the SX short-scales are neck-heavy, which I'd like to avoid.

    What say you, TBers?
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    Feb 20, 2006
    I just got the SX Short-Scale for my son. He's 11 and wanted a bass like mine (Fender Jazz). I was very surprised by the quality. I can't seem to stop playing it myself! I've never played a short-scale before. I was expecting no bottom end, thin tone, etc. But I went so far as to go into one of my old ProTools projects and do the bass track with the SX. Then I sat back and did an A/B comparison between the sound of the SX in the mix vs. my Fender.

    Almost identical tone. It was crazy. The low E was plenty fat on the SX. The pickups seemed slightly more noisy, but I'm comparing them against Fender Noiseless Vintage Jazz pickups, so I'm not surprised.

    Regarding the neck weight: It feels fine to me. But then again, I'm very new to the short-scale scene.
  3. With so much positive feedback about the SX's (and having checked out one of their P-basses in a local store) I decided to order the SJB short-scale from Rondo...

    Like so many other buyers I'll likely have it modded and tweaked (nut / frets / shielding / electronics to start). I have a thru-body bridge from an old Stu Hamm bass I might install - the gold might look weird with the silver hardware, but whatever - I'm wondering how a thru-body bridge might affect string tension or tone, I'm thinking it might help on a shorter scale instrument.

    As for pickups, I'm partial to Bartolinis, but if I'm going for a more vintage sound (mod, motown, the Jam etc.) is there something else folks recommend?
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