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  1. well like any gear luster im looking into gear now that i plan to buy in about 6 months :D far at the top of my list (besides the peavey quad i gotta pay off and the ampeg preamp next month) im lookin at a new far the main basses im lusting over (only 1 can be mine) is either:
    A Stingray 4 or 5
    A Fender American Deluxe Ash Jazz 4
    or Dean B2 4 (unless i can find a peavey)

    and if i get the stingray or jazz the first thing thats happening is its getting refinished in gold/silver flake :D ...i just canna decide :help:
  2. I would choose the stingray for it's reputation.
  3. I don't want you to get the stingray.

    I do not want the ray to be defaced that way :(
  4. kubicki owner gone stingray? :D

    i must admit though, ive got a dean USA b2 as the background on my phone at the moment :D
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    When you decide I can hook you up with a "non-greasy" cat to do the flake refin Heath....just don't tell him I sent you...flake and sparkle finishes are a PITA for refinishers...clogs up their gear and they have flakes in their underwear for weeks.
  6. i was actually talking a few weeks ago from the guy i got my ksd from (mind blank forgotten his name :ninja: low end bass shop) but i was going to get another ksd 70's 4 string and he was gonna get chris benavente to refinish it in all white ala larry graham's moon :hyper: ..might still be on the cards, but that dean is soooooooooo tempting
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    And where's Kubicki from that list? :confused:


    Settle down already. You're still in the red with your latest purchases.