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    Jan 23, 2001
    i've had my guitar for a year and i'm still a beginer, but i think i should get a new eletric bass. i love my ibanez in all,but when i pick up a fender or even a yamaha it feels so nice. my ibanez is in pretty good shape but my brothers numerous attempts to be zztop have proved to be fatal. as a matter of fact he hasn't pulled off a successful attempt yet. all of the so-called impersinations have ended inwhich head comes crashing to the ground. sowhat do you think?
  2. Liebe AUSLANDER, you are indeed outside the woods as your name suggests. In this Case, it is the wrong kind of woods. I suggest you make a hasty retreat to the BG side of the board where discussions of Ibanez basses run fast and furious. Geht schnell!