dee dee ramone is great

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  1. My aunt was lucky enough to meet Joey and DeeDee back in the day. I've always loved that band.
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  2. UncleFluffy


    Mar 8, 2009
    Head Tinkerer, The Flufflab
    The Ramones were incredible live. When I saw them it was a 35 song set, with a 10 song encore, and they never stopped.

    Heroin? When even Lemmy says a particular drug is a bad idea, then that's probably a strong hint not to do it.
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  3. barebones

    barebones Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    Denver, CO
    This is almost an anthem of sorts...
  4. Hey, Dee Dee may have not been the most technically proficient, but try playing that fast for an hour at a time using nothing but arm-action picked downstokes. Dude had some stamina.
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  5. Rugaar


    Apr 11, 2007
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  6. This.

    I'm going to have to harness my inner Dee Dee March 19th. My band is throwing a Joey Ramone birthday bash, and we're playing a set of all Ramones covers ,and the bands we're playing with are doing a few covers themselves. It should be a great time.

    without heroin.
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  7. Mike19


    Aug 11, 2009
    Tallahassee, Fla
    As for Dee Dee: Carbona not glue RIP, dude. :bassist:

    As for all of us: If you're gonna ride, don't ride the white horse. :rollno:
  8. jim777

    jim777 Tarantula Lobbyist

    Aug 7, 2006
    South Jersey
    We played 'in front of' The Ramones once, in '79 I think at a place called "The Left Bank' in Mt. Vernon, NY. You didn't really open for them, as they were kind of a mess :lol: I saw them at least 200 times other than that as well, really loved their music. Dee Dee really loved and lived the music, there was no phoniness or bs posing to him at all. He was good guy, but he had tons of demons and dealt with them the best he could.

    He was an outsider, outside of everything.
  9. CajunCanuck


    Oct 12, 2010
    New Orleans
    Gabba Gabba Hey......

    Only saw them once, and I'll never forget it......made quite an impression on me @ 17......

    The latest joy is turning my 11 year old daughter onto them......"I wanna be sedated" is on one of her XBox 360 games.....that's all it took.......I threw Road to Ruin on her Ipod......Voila.....The next Generation is

    RIP Dee Dee......ur sadly missed
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  10. I ALWAYS loved Dee Dee's playing.

    Simple? Certainly...that was the point of it.

    But I've never been able to play it EXACTLY like he did. He developed some sort of technique to get that very precise staccato bop-bop-bop-bop bop-bop-bop-bop kind of thing that I just can not seem to master.

    (I've only been playing since 1963...maybe I'll get it someday...)

    He also wrote about 40% of their songs, even after he stopped touring with the band.

    And if you consider his influence on bass playing over the last 40 years, he has very few peers, no matter how complex they can play. Dee Dee got an audience moving, which was what the Ramones was all about. The combination of Dee Dee and Markey Ramone was like a huge engine that drove the whole place. Great player, hard and horrible life.

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  11. perkidan


    Sep 13, 2000
    Augusta, ky
    I snorted coke a few times...the bubbles tickled my nose though.

  12. Wow. I just don't get it. The dude was offered to join AC/DC after Bon Scott died, and turned it down? What in the hell was he thinkin'? The human mind will NEVER be fully understood. Wow.
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  13. Great post old Mark.

    When I picked up my bass after a number of years off, I used the Ramones as a starting point as I couldn't play anything more complicated. And yes, that really was the point. Turned my young kids into fans at the time too - no kids tunes in the mini van, it was Sheena is a Punk Rocker, etc.
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  14. There is NOTHING wrong with not being the sharpest tool in the shed; especially if you are a hammer!

    Hammers do a lot of jobs that saws, scissors, and scalpels cannot.
  15. Personally I think Dee Dee took himself out. He was in the Hall of Fame, and was terrified of getting old...and Joey was dead, and Johnny had cancer.

    I think he just wanted to exit at the top.

    Just my personal thought.
  16. Heroin - put a gun to my head and I still wouldn't do it. I watched a documentary on Ratt (What can I say - I was bored) and their tall Blonde guitarist (Robbin Crosby) was so out of it at a concert in Japan that he was playing a totally different song than the rest of the band. I hate to admit that I found it funny and terribly sad at the same time. He died of Aids from dirty needles not too long after that. One of many sad stories of drugs and Rock 'N' Roll. I saw another thing with WASP's guitarist and alcohol treating his mother like a servant and with utter disrespect. I wanted to reach through the T.V. (movie screen? I can't remember - it was many, many years ago) and punch him in the face. I believe Toto's drummer (Jeff Porcaro) and the singer of Quite Riot (Kevin Dubrow) both died of cocaine overdoses , but I may be wrong...
  17. Oops - I didn't mention Dee Dee Ramone in my last post and this is a Dee Dee Ramone thread. There you go (x2). ;)
  18. tdvt


    Oct 13, 2008
    I was not really a huge Ramones fan but saw them in a pretty small room in CT in the late 70's.

    Besides the whole band being REALLY loud, the thing I remember to this day, is that Dee Dee had probably half a roll of duct tape on each end of his strap to keep it on (white P-bass, I think).

    He then proceeded to break a string during the set but had a second bass, set-up with the duct tape & all ready to go, which led me to believe that he broke bass strings regularly.

    Didn't really miss a beat.
  19. mellowinman

    mellowinman Free Man

    Oct 19, 2011
    There are very few REAL punk bands.

    The Clash
    The Stooges/Iggy
    The Pistols

    and of course, the kings of the genre:


    Dee Dee was not only a fantastic bass player FOR THE GENRE, and a great lyricist, (and I do mean a truly INSPIRED lyricist,) but the main thing is,

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  20. Killed_by_Death

    Killed_by_Death Snaggletooth Inactive

    18-Sep-51 was his birthday:


    I disagree about The Clash, but you missed The Damned, the real U.K. Punk band.
    Although, later on they morphed into something else, just like The Clash.
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