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    Apr 27, 2003
    i got the deep impact about 2 weeks and it worked fine for the first few days. ever since then, its been acting up to the point where i am ready to return it. sometimes it just dies out on me, and i thought it was because the input level was too high and it was overloading the unit or something like that, but i adjusted it and still had the same problem. other times, i change the preset effect and it stays on the effect that i had it on before i changed it. for example, i had it on effect 9 (hiccups), and turned the dial to 3 and it was the same effect. yes, i am sure i was changing preset and not attack :D . and still other times when i have the unit off (plugged in but not in effect), it totally sucks away the volume of my clean bass and i have to umplug it and plug it back in. anyone else experiencing a similar dilemma or is this definitely one to return?
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    Mar 22, 2000
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    I've been using mine for about three weeks and haven't had the preset activation problems that you described. I have to admit, this pedal has some unique aspects as far as how you change from one preset to another. This may be what's throwing you off.

    The proper way to switch from one patch to another is to press on the left foot switch until you reach the desired patch, then press on the right foot switch to engage it (don't use the nob). for example, let's say that #1 is dark bubble and #4 is bright synth. and let's say your playing with dark bubble engaged. press the left foot switch 3 times to cycle up to #4 to select bright synth( 4 will read out in the left LED). During this time (selecting the next patch) you will still be playing through dark bubble. now, press the right foot switch. this will actually engage #4 bright synth, since that's what you selected with the left foot switch. you will now be playing through bright synth. the right LED will read 4.

    You can also move the patches around according to how you want to use them. for example, you could make patch #1 any of the other patches other than dark bubble. you do this with the nob. you can also tweak your patches. the owner's manual is not that great, so you have to experiment. good luck.

    As far as tone suck. I did notice a slight loss of signal if the pedal is in the signal chain with the effects off. That's typical with pedals having a lot of circuitry. I get around this by using a bypass pedal (since I sometimes have three to four pedals in my signal chain). The bypass pedal will enable you to bypass all pedals and send your signal direct to the amp when you're not using effects (thus, eliminating tone suck). If you do a search of the forum on bypass pedals you learn alot. They go for about $50. Mine is an Morgan Miller MMFX bypass pedal. There are others out there.
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    ...except this should not be happening to either of you as all the AKAI effects are "True By Pass".:confused: I have the Intelliphase, Uni-Bass, and Deep Impact and none of them do this.

    My other two effects (TC Electronics Chorus/Flange & Fulltone Bass-Drive) are also "True By Pass" and they don't suck the tone/signal either.
  4. I'm not having any problems with either the Deep Impact or UniBass either with mystery function(s) or from insertion loss. I do use a line driver but neither of those pedals are in a loop.