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Delay with an effects loop

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ndrly, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. I was wondering what delays with an effects loop exist, you know, to add a bit of modulation to the signal.

    I was thinking that if I ever went into the effects pedal business, one of the products I would release would be a digital delay pedal with a bit resolution reducer to give a more analog sound. It would also incorporate an effects loop, so you could add a bit of chorus, or an EQ to the repeats without effecting the direct signal.
  2. Ely


    Jun 8, 2001
    Huntsville, AL
    My Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay does exactly that, but the price is rather high.
  3. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    Petaluma, CA, USA
    Blackbox Quicksilver
    Moog Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay
    Diamond Memory Lane (using a TRS cable)

    Bit resolution reduction would NOT produce an analog sound. The end result is different, especially when you get to the low-resolution range. But, it'd be pretty cool regardless for the noisemakers. :)

    If you do want the ability to EQ the delay sound and modulate just the delay, but don't necessarily need the effects loop, a pedal like the EHX Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai can do that, among other higher-end digital delay pedals.

    The simplest, cheapest, smallest pedal with modulated delay on the market seems to be the upcoming MXR Carbon Copy. I'm eyeing it just because it has modulation. :)
  4. ehque


    Jan 8, 2006
    The pedal you are talking about exactly is the TC Nova Delay. It has adjustable modulation in the repeats, and also has tape/analog emulation. It does not have an effects loop, but is stereo, which is kind of cool anyway.
  5. A number of cheap delays include a modulated delay setting if that's all you're after - the Digitech digidelay and Marshall Echohead spring to mind. Both also have analog-emulation modes, but you can't modulate and hi-cut at the same time AFAIK on either.

    Others have mentioned higher-end delays with fx loops, but there is also the option of several delays which have echo-only outputs and dry outputs, like my Ibanez AD99 analog and Akai Headrush E2 (which also has a nice tape delay emulation and a variable high-cut on the digital delay mode). You could use this as a default loop and process the repeats with whatever you like if you use a mini-mixer to recombine the signals.

  6. pbfj84


    Jun 30, 2007
    St. Louis, MO
  7. I dunno. I don't think Keeley-modded pedals are available in Australia.

    Not that the aforementioned pedal wouldn't be a good idea.
  8. I know that prices on musical equipment in Australia are similar to here in New Zealand, and I'd seriously encourage you to buy from forums or ebay and get things shipped to you. Save serious money compared to buying locally. If the difference was small, I'd go local and support local businesses. But it's usually less than half the price to buy a pretty mint used pedal and get it sent from the US to NZ (USPS usually costs me $16-20US for a standard Boss/Digitech sized pedal, and cost me $30 IIRC for the Headrush, which is a lot bigger).

    Sansamp Bass Driver DI, local price $400NZ, pretty much mint one arrived on my doorstep for $205NZ

    Digitech bass synth wah $249 locally, landed a mint one for $105ish

    Akai Headrush $379NZ on super duper special, landed one for about $205NZ.

    All included shipping.

    Keeley-mods are supposed to be pretty fantastic, don't write them off just because you can't buy locally. Wait a while and there'll be one on the forums for sale. Good luck with your quest. BTW, if you want to be able to process different delay taps differently, I think the Headrush is pretty much the only game in town. It has individual outs for each of the 4 simulated tape heads - you could verb one, autofilter the next, chorus number 3 and jet-flange the last one (assuming you had verb, filter, chorus and flange pedals). (And were really, really sick)

  9. i2k


    Oct 31, 2000
    If what you're looking for is a delay with modulation then just look for Jacques Prisoner. It doesn't have effect loop but it has build in rate & pitch modulation control. It's not too expensive, small & sounds really good.
  10. 12bass


    Jan 2, 2003
    Victoria, Canada
    The Boss DD-20 has a modulation mode.
  11. tbone409


    Feb 17, 2007
    kenosha, wi
  12. I think the delay I'd really like to try is the Line 6 DL4. However, I've heard those boxes are fragile.
  13. The Digitech PDS 20/20 has a very wide margin of modulation control. Like, 2 or 3 octave variation (if you wanted).
  14. derelicte


    Dec 25, 2007
  15. I love mine. In its price range, I don't see much for competition. As far as being well laid out, great sounding, user-friendly, versatile as hell, etc. I much prefer it to similarly priced pedals like the DD-20 or the Nova Delay.

    It's not so much the box that's to be of any concern, more the switches, which are board mounded, meaning that ultimately they are not as stable as some others, blah, blah...

    I can't say firsthand. I've only had mine close to three months. But I know more than a few touring musicians that use this Line 6 modeling series with good results, and almost no malfunction.

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