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Delayed NBD x 4

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Strat Hater, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. First we have my $50 find. A Yamaha RBX 170 $50 New at Long and McQuade. They told me it had a bad neck, but I discovered all it needed was a good setup and it plays wonderful[​IMG]

    Next is my Raven West RB 4500. Gold hardware and I got Optima Gold strings for it. It has now become my goto. I might upgrade the preamp and pots, but it sounds good and plays excellent.[​IMG]

    Here is my 8 string. I have never posted an actual photo of it, just a stock one from Eric at Raven West. I have actually had it for almost 5 years, but I am good at procrastination. lol

    Finally is my Ray 34HB. I just love the tone on this thing

    I just keep getting busy and forgetting the important things like getting gas relief :D
  2. Killer collection. How arte those Raven West basses, love the look.
    - Jimmy Rage
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  4. The Raven wests are really nice basses for the money. They look like $2000 basses but I got both of mine for just under $500 cdn each. I have a luthier friend that did a setup on the 4 string last week and he thought it was remarkable for the price. Now there were some imperfections in the finish and I think they skimped on the preamp. I will upgrade it when I can. But the feel and fretwork rivals that of basses triple the price that I paid for these.

    I am itching to try one of their Spalted maple 5 strings, but I can't afford it right now