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Deliver Me - first studio mix we've done. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Dellers, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Dellers


    Nov 7, 2006
    Check out this version of Robert Randolph & the Family Band's "Deliver Me". Myself and a fellow student (we're studying sound engineering) just finished mixing this cover tune, it's the first mix I've done. Opinions and constructive criticism much welcome, so that the next project can be better :)
    And of course I play a few of the instruments, being bass, guitar, sax, some of the piano etc. Vocals and drums were done by another fellow student who happened to like the song.
    We've tried to make it sound a little less overcompressed and overmixed than the standard of 2009, things usually sound a little too perfect imo
  2. kalle74


    Aug 27, 2004
    well... not trying to bash you here, but since you asked for criticism...

    since I think you´re trying to take the RHCP route, I´d say the mix needs far more punch.

    if re-tracking the drums is a possibility (played too soft, and at times, sloppy) I suggest you re-do them... if not, you could try Beat Detective (or other time-correction), then compressing them heavily to give them more "thwack" and punch and EQing to give them more "extreme-ends", meaning more lows and highs. maybe some small reverb to give a sense of "room". you could even try replacing some of the sounds (mainly kick and snare) to give them more power.

    guitars have too much mud in the low-mids/high-bass region (colliding with the keys and such), and also too much distortion (ruining the dynamics). double-tracking would give them some dimension, but if limited to mixing, you could try treating them with low-cut (around 150Hz or even higher) and some artificial ambience (a short room or delay) along with other stuff to make them more dimensional and interesting.

    bass could use more lows. try compressing, and cutting the lowest mids some... your playing seems to rush a bit, so re-cutting the bass as well could benefit the song.

    the vocals were ok soundwise, but would benefit from some ambience also. the distorted vocals in the verse could be more "abrasive" and grittier (for lack of a better word). vocals don´t "sit" very well. you´d need to EQ the other stuff around them...

    don´t get me wrong, it´s a nice one for a first, but mix-wise, though, I doubt you´ll get significant improvements. I´d start over. learning from mistakes is the name of the game here, you´ll do a lot better next time around.
  3. Dellers


    Nov 7, 2006
    Thanks for the thoughts, I think it might be possible to fix at least a few things of the things you're suggesting (re-tracking not being one of them, since booking a studio isn't possible atm, and deadline is close. Anyway, we're not exactly professionals - we're not going to mix for dedicated musicians until later). About the drums, I gotta say that the drumkit was terrible, and the mics wasn't the best either. The drums sounded really, really bad at first, so what's in the song is actually very tweaked and heavily compressed already. I can at least try beat detective though, just gotta remember how it works :)

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