delta 44/66/1010 vs audiophile with a mixer

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  1. im building a computer for recording purposes, and im wondering which direction would be the best, a delta card, or the audiophile with a mixer. i know the 1010 would be my best bet, but cost is an issue, and im still only a 16 year old kid playing with some friends in his wondering if the money i could spend on the soundcard would be better spent on something else, more important...any input would be appreciated.
  2. Johnalex


    Jul 20, 2001
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    I woudl recomend the 1010 with a mixer. Preferably a 8 or 16 channel mixer, so you might be able to run a split console with 16. The Audiophile only has 2 inputs so doing multitracking simultaniously will be kind of hard. So if you get a 24/96 with a mixer all you can do is mix everything togather before it is recorded which makes it imposible to do individual editing after the fact. If you are just tryign to record you guys playing around go with the audiophile if you want a serious multiinput deal go with the 1010.
  3. thanks a bunch, i just found out im going to have an extra hundred dollars to spend for my computer, so im going to go with the 1010, since it offers a lot more versatility, and isnt THAT much more expensive, now im going on to the equally daunting task of figuring out the rest of my hardware