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  1. This is not rockabilly or bluegrass but it has to do with slapped upright bass.
    I was recently listening to this great delta blues band called Hillstomp. Its just slide guitar and drums. I really like the way the drums sound and I was thinking I could get a similar sound by slappin the upright. Heres a link where you can listen to one of their cds:

    What do you guys think? Would I be able to get this sound with just a slide guitar player and me slappin the upright? I think this would sound really cool.
  2. It sound pretty cool, and I definitely bet you could do that on your upright. Just mix in all types of slaps (single, double, triple, etc), and correct rests in between them.

    EDIT: Ok I listened to more than the first song. You obviously can't replicate cymbals or bells with a bass. Some stuff would be hard to do to make it sound right. It may get boring if you don't find a person to sit there and shake bells or hit a cow bell for some parts.
  3. I'm doing a bunch of gigs with a very good trad country blues style player who mostly uses a national steel. I'm slapping on three of these tracks and I think we've got a pretty hard driving percussive sound. Poor Man's Feelin's features someone else on slab. Anyway, after years of a steady bluegrass diet I find that this setting allows me to do all sorts of rhythmic stuff that I once only imagined. I'm kinda doubling on bass and drums and I'm having a great time. Go For It!
  4. I know I wouldn't be able to replicate the other sounds like cymbals or bells, but I think it would sound pretty cool playing the normal drum parts with slap because the drums don't really sound like regular drums. Thats what made me think of doing it in the first place. And, yeah, I think I'd be mixing in a lot of different types of slaps which would give it a lot of variety.

    boombloom, I listened to those recordings you've got and you guys sound really good.

    I think delta blues and Hillstomp-type music would be really fun to play and sound great too. Its got such a non-cluttered sound and I think it would be great with just me slappin and the slide guitar player slidin.
  5. boombloom, I listened to those recordings you've got and you guys sound really good.

    Thanks. Of the four tunes on there right now, the best example for this thread is the Key Of Love. I know it's not a traditional blues, but it is bass and guitar. It started as a slapping noodle that I used for exercise. The guitarist heard it and piled right on. It's become a crowd pleaser.
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    Apr 7, 2005

    I am really digging your playing with Russel Bailey.
    How do I get the cd?

    Lemme know, ok?

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