Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V

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  1. anybody? I want to order it tommorow so i need a quick response....
  2. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia

    Apr 9, 2001
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    be careful- i wasted my money ordering a pickguard for an american deluxe 5 about a year ago- ordered the guard from smartparts- got the wrong guard and sent it back- never heard from them again, they also screwed up an order for stacked knobs for the same bass, total losss, about $75... i would take your existing guard and have someone duplicate it or contact Warmoth, i believe their Deluxe 5 shape is the saem as what you need, but make sure..
    i was told my guard was to be custom cut and got one in a plastic bag from wd-- if your bass is an american deluxe jazz 5, i would not do it, the body is smaller than the standard jazz- good luck!-
  3. hmmmmm thanks...with that settled, has anybody ordered off of this place and gotten what they wanted?
  4. sorry i have to say this but does anybody know if i can use it and if it will be a good product? I want to order it tommorow so i need a quick response....