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    To keep this thread short and efficient; if you have any questions, comments or offers please “Start a Conversation” with me rather than posting it in the thread.

    Lightly used Demeter Opto Compulator compressor pedal.

    Featuring an internal trim pot for setting gain reduction up to 30dB, an easy-to-use control spread of compression and volume knobs and a bright LED indicator for easy reading, the Demeter Opto Compulator brings all the sweet sustain and compression desired in a pedal without the sacrifice in tone. Built to emulate the coveted sound of vintage studio optical compression, this pedal brings unheard clarity to notes while in solo picking and sustained warmth reminiscent of a 60s record.

    Will ship in a USPS padded flat rate envelope or box.

    $104 +10 for shipping.

    Payment wise I am very happy (think almost prefer) to wait for a check or certified funds in lieu of paying PayPal fees but I will accept PayPal as well.

    fullsizeoutput_1967.jpeg IMG_0301.JPG IMG_0300.JPG IMG_0299.JPG
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