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describe the sound of a 1x15 cab vs a 4x10 cab

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bchamorro, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. bchamorro


    Nov 13, 2007
    Miami, Florida
    please describe it...

    what will the 15 inch speaker give me?
  2. loendmaestro

    loendmaestro Supporting Member

    Jan 15, 2004
    Vienna VA
    More rumble, but less definition.

    A 4x10 will be more focused & normally has sufficient low end, but generally wont rattle your intestines like 15"s.

    15" cabs seem to have fallen out of favor recently, but I'm still a 15 guy.
  3. Keeping with the subject of 15's

    Can anyone Reccomend a good 8 ohm 2x15 cabinet?
  4. Basshappi


    Feb 12, 2007
    I am also a fan of 15"s.

    They give you more low end presence than 10"s.

    I am also not convinced that you lose clarity and response with 15"s, it all depends on cabinet design and construction.
  5. Rob Mancini

    Rob Mancini Guest

    Feb 26, 2008
    If you add a tweeter to one, you can get a lot of clarity. But it's true that tweeterless 15" cabs won't be as bright as 10" cabs. 15"s generally shelve frequencies past 3k, and 10"s generally start shelving at 5k.
  6. amos


    Oct 23, 2003
    SE Portland Oregon
    Generally speaking you will get more overall volume out of a 4x10 over a 1x15.
  7. but what happens when you combine a 4x10 and a 1x15?
  8. OK, I had an Ampeg USA made budget line of cabs. BSE's I think they were.

    The 4x10 was tighter, and compression seemed to effect its tone less. The notes seemed to punch out and fade faster, which I thought was great for when my buddy Phil would slap, but was harder to get a Motown sound with. There was some bottom end loss as compared to the 1x15, but not enough for me to really miss it. I would use a 4x10 instead of a 1x15 for just stand alone stuff.

    The 1x15 wasn't as clear(no tweeter), but its presence was much larger. The tone filled whatever area we were playing with, and in fact was so boomy that I usually compressed the hell out of it to try and tame it. It was especially terrible in my garage area as whatever hz my garage vibrated at, the 1x15 apparently had a HUGE boost in as compared to the 4x10. A hardwood floored room I once played in at a friend's house definately favored the 1x15, so I guess the 1x15 was more dependent on environment.

    Well together the volume was increased, so I didn't have to turn the 1x15 up all the way. With my old Ampeg amp, I could bi-amp the 2 and keep the thickness of the 15, and rely on the 4x10 for volume. Cut down on the boomy, but kept the thick, it was good.

    In the end I got rid of them because of their size and weights. Also I like have 2 cabs of the same kind to make it easier to a/b things. Unlike some on the forums, I really do feel my 1x12 stack took the best of a 1x15 and 4x10 set up(tone wise) and made it smaller. Punchy enough for how I play, but still thick. A higher quality 4x10 than what I had would blow away my 1x12 stack for volume, but i'd put its tone against them any day.
  9. Shovelbone

    Shovelbone Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2007
    Yonderville Georgia
    I just recently bought a Hartke 215 VX cabinet. I must say that I was impressed. It definitely shakes the floor and you can't beat the price.
  10. thanks, ill check that out.
  11. pbass2


    Jan 25, 2007
    Los Angeles
    I love 15"s. I play lotsa deep dubby stuff, hiphop, etc., and they work great for that, as wel as roots rock, etc. 4x10's never really did it for me, but I do like 8x10's:)
    Right now, when I need the firepower, I use a 12" and a 15"--that's a really cool combo I find.
  12. quickervicar

    quickervicar Supporting Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    Lancaster, PA

    Eden 215XLT
  13. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

  14. I also think the mids in 15's are smoother. I am a 15 guy and think they work great for fretless.
  15. Mr Venus

    Mr Venus Guest

    Aug 23, 2005

    Power and glory is what happens!
  16. You orgasm.
  17. joelb79


    Mar 22, 2006
    Lansing, Michigan
    not really true. Most 410's have a horn which makes up that difference. 10's usually roll off at 3-4k unless they are designed otherwise. No such thing as a free lunch when it comes to upper frequency response.

    +1. Best rig ever!
  18. Kustom make one too but it's stupidly tall;


    I think they expect you to run 2 side by side with their 1200W head, although you can probably get away with putting a 2x10 on top while still being able to reach to reach the controls. If they're both 8ohms the 10's will be the same volume as the 15's in terms of how much wattage their both receiving though, so it might sound a bit odd, from what I've been told anyway.
  19. keep an eye out for the old Sunn cabs, good stuff at a low low price.
  20. Warpeg

    Warpeg Supporting Member

    Jun 20, 2005
    For the record, I'm a "10" guy" all the way. ;)

    I've always had mixed feelings about 15's. The midrange that they get is amazing, but I don't like the muddy low tone. There isn't a whole lot of definition, but they seem to make a bass rig sound more "real," if that makes any sense.

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