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Describe the talkbasser above you!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Dave Castelo, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    Ok, you have to do a short description of the talkbasser right above your post (everything goes, even if you dont know that talkbasser)

    so, first poster must describe me (be brutal if you want ;) ) and the next poster should describe the one who described me, etc etc...

    -Descriptions only please...
    -Edit your post if you were beaten to the description

  2. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    Dave is a cool guy who has WAY too much time on his hands to work with photoshop. He makes great avatars, and can even change a duck from red to blue. Will wonders never cease? ;)

    He is also part of the "Secret Crooked Moderators" club, and is head of the Bribe Taking and Newbie Discouraging department. He also cries when he sees people describing basslines by typing them out. (Bow chicka bump botta boom ba di di di) (The di's are octaves.)
  3. Bryan R. Tyler

    Bryan R. Tyler TalkBass: Usurping My Practice Time Since 2002 Staff Member Administrator Supporting Member

    May 3, 2002
    SuperDuck is a moderator of a little-known forum titled "Tableture," where TalkBass members and luthiers alike go to converse about the finer crafts of Table-making and the proper fingering and notation for Blink-182 songs. SuperDuck has recently taken a more passive-resistance standpoint with his avatar, moving from ulta-violent cartoon reptiles to a more subdued rubber duckey (which still subtley carried the colors and horns of SATAN HIMSELF!), and again to a more people-friendly blue hue, further disguising his evil plots to destroy all other moderators but himself and Allodo X whom he will keep as a personal goatee expert. He can commonly be found in the Amps and Off-Topic forums offering comedy and wit, and has recently begun to use the word "poop" as his explative of choice.

    Now good luck to anyone who knows anything about me :D
  4. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    diff is a nice guy who plays a 7 string and has a Warwick.

    He is into Bill Dickens(his 7 is a BD signature model) and Tony Levin, among others and lives in Norwich, Connecticut.

    Norwich has a population of 36,000 and is called 'The Rose of New England'. It has been named 'Prettiest painted place in New England' by the Paint Quality Institute, and recently celebrated the opening of Dodd Stadium, home of the Norwich Navigators.

    diff has been on this planet a little over 23 years and is proud of his prowess at making hummus, which is one of the most popular foods from the Mediterranean/Middle East region, and is usually enjoyed with pita bread or fresh cut veggies.
  5. Hategear

    Hategear Workin' hard at hardly workin'.

    Apr 6, 2001
    Appleton, Swissconsin
    ...is known for many things, none of which are his bass playing! He is a self-proclaimed troll squasher and looks a little bit like Cartman from South Park. He lives in Texas, co-moderates the Miscellaneous forum with an iron fist and he asks that you please mask your profanity with any or all of the following symbols: !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ). Embellisher's real name is Jeff and he likes writing songs about zombies. All in all, he's a good guy.

    This description is indeed 98% truth and 2% bull poopie -- or is it the other way around.

    I pity the fool that doesn't know %$@& about me!
  6. Hate gear really likes Diablo 2 The Expansion Pack.

    Edit - Ok, Ok, i'll go a bit more into it: Hategear is also co-mod of the Tablature forum, though he hates tabs. He said he was just doing it for the good of talkbass. He is a member of Clan Tabevil and good friends with jazzbo and Chris Fitzgerald and the like. He plays a double bass in a jazz group. He's also usually not the type to express his opinions. Lets see, anything else?
  7. Spanky used to live by me. He works in a movie theater, but wants to fund another job. He is currently attending Cypress College. He is rediculously infatuated with John Turner, and enjoys scanning his nipple.

    On a side note, I know a girl Aubrey *she went to GGHS, was a cheerleader* and I went on a date with her. She didn't want to see me again, but about a month ago, she told me that she really wanted to see me again, but now that I'm in San Diego, nothing can come of it. *Female Dog* :D
  8. fadlan bassman

    fadlan bassman

    Oct 23, 2001
    Tallguybcs likes Fender and seem to be obsessed with graduation. Also obsessed about spankys obsession with JT. does not like AMWAY, does like to drink, and he follows the rules. He also likes the Rams and is under the false impression that they will make it to the superbowl. Is on a college budget so no new toys anytime soon(18months?)
  9. Aubrey sounds familiar, I think I went to junior high (Ralston) with her.

    Oh and this is just a reply, the next tber can describe tallguy bucause I already had my post.....unless we can do more than one description? Whats the word Dave?
  10. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Ah, fadlan bassman. So much has been written about him over time, so many books, novellas, short stories, comic books, newspaper articles, obituaries. But what do we really know about him. A man. A myth. A man-myth. I could talk for hours about fadlan bassman, and all his glory.

    fadlan bassman grew up as a snake-herder in a small farming town outside of Spokane, Washington. He grew up there with his 14 siblings, the product of a successful parental coupling. Always wanting to standout from the crowd of brothers and sisters he constantly fought over food with, a young fadlan bassman decided then and there, (where?), to make him mark on this world. He left the world of snake-farming after loosing 8 siblings to venomous bites. A young disenchanted fadlan bassman made his way, weary and his head heavy, through the world armmed only with his penchant for buggary and a Clos Du Bois wine key. After a brief stint with the Ringling Brothers, fadlan bassman grew tired of the constant bickering in the carnie lifestyle, and decided to venture forward to more hollowed ground. He joined a Franciscan monastery where he studied night and day only to find out that the place he mistook for an ITT campus was actually training him for a lifetime of worship. Undettered, young fadlan bassman happened upon a street performer by the name of Oozing Bicep Jones who regularly played an old beat up tuba in the middle of a Jamba Juice waiting area. (Those shakes take forever). Oozing Bicep presented fadlan bassman with the chance to study tuba with him, but fadlan bassman had his heart set on that Assistant Manager job at Jamba, and wanted nothing more than to pump out Mango-a-go-go smoothies all day. When the smoothie venture bottomed out, fadlan bassman heeded his calling to the low end, and invested in his first bass guitar.

    The rest my friends, is history.
  11. punkfunkfreak


    Dec 16, 2001
    *time out*

    Is ANYONE gonna take up the challenge of jazzbo?

    *continue all*
  12. Punkfunkfreak hasnt the guts to give a description of Jazzbo, he has a downfall, impurity if you like and thats Punk. Poor fellow. Attempts to make up with it by placing Funk in his name. :p

    Not much is known about this freak, he is often seen staggering into a bell tower and ringing a bell......



    Why dont we also give a description of the person above each on the post count list??? And for the person on the top of the list they can errr describe God or something. lol
  13. punkfunkfreak


    Dec 16, 2001

    Merlin, he smells.

  14. A fine young Australian gentleman, lover of all things Spinal Tap and rivaled only by Munjibunga in the art of sarcasm. Not much is known about his bass playing. Inventor of "double-grin smiley".
  15. Gunnar has an unpronounceable surname known only to him and several other Icelandic TBers. From his avatar, he clearly has a problem with gas, although in this case his flatulance can create enough energy to light up several third world countries.

    On Iceland aside from playing bass his hobbies include fishing and sex. And in the winter he doesn't do much fishing...........
  16. I guess I've known Johnny for, ooooh, let's see, several minutes.

    Like all men north o' the boarder, he wears a skirt, err, sorry, a kilt and nothing underneath to hide his enormous modesty:eek:

    As a bassist, JBB is second to none - or so he says.

    There is a sort-a theory amongst us English, that our Scots cousins are very frugal. This is not so in Johnny's case. He's just frugal with his basses after promising me several of his worthless Fender Jazzs, and them not arriving. Where are they, Jimmi?

    Finally, there's no truth in the rumour that Mr Boom runs several thousand watts through his grandmother's Hi Fi in order to achieve the best ever bass sound, prefering instead a wooden pole, a box and several feet of household string.
  17. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    I was waiting for PD 5 String...

    anyway here goes

    When John's rocking he's trying to sing female lead vocals. When he's not rocking, he works on his ventriloquism skills although letting the audience know which one is the dummy may be a more productive use of time and effort. He's a mean bass player in both sense of the word having spent less on gear than most of us spend on strings. His 50watt valve preamp is as unique as his presence and contribution to Talkbass. It is an honour to know him in the cyber-plutonic sense not the biblical one.
  18. lol.

    Took me a minute to work out the last line, Chris:D

  19. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Glad you liked it. Now I have to wait and see if any can be bothered to 'do' me.
  20. CS is a Austin, TX native. He had his first hit with "Beat so lonely" from "Pictures for Pleasure". Vocally compaired to David Bowie and produced by aclaimed Billy Idol producer, Keith Forsey.

    Considered by many to be a one hit wonder, He did go on to Join the Arc Angels and released another disk under the name Charlie Sexton Sextet.

    .... oh wait

    .......your first name is Chris ???

    so, who are you anyway?

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