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  1. Hi guys,

    I lurk here but don't post in the Luthier's section often. However, I'm in the midst of ordering a new bass from Stambaugh with my own body design and was wondering if you have any tips or general feedback about it. It's sort of a Bee bass meets Dingwall while Ritter helped with the pups. Woods will be Wenge Neck/FB (Made the board darker to illustrate), flamed maple (TAKE THAT PHOTO FLAME - MEET MS PAINT FLAME) top with mahogany body and an ebony veneer line. BTW, it was all redone in ms paint because this computer has not a photoshop.

    PS. Somehow while redrawing it the left horn got slightly deformed, it looks less crap on the drawing. Maybe I should include that.... Hmm.

    Thanks guys.


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    Mar 29, 2007
    I like the shape and the pickup config. what are the three rectangles by the knobs? it looks like a decent design overall:

    balance - by the looks of it, check, but you can't tell just from the picture
    upper fret access - check
    spot for knee - check

    i'm assuming the body will have a constant edge width all the way around the horn, if not, it would look better imo
  3. Switches, a parallel/series switch for each pup.

    And yeah, I kind of screwed up the horn on paint, like I said, but drawing is the way it should be.