Designing Fuzzy Thunderdirt

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    Apr 7, 2010
    Did some breadboard playing today came up with something pretty deathly

    I will follow up [tomorrow] with schematic-in-works and some explanation, as well as some better/organized soundclips, but in the meantime...

    these are taken with my cellphone mic, in front of an amp
    silly I know, but there is a lot of character you can hear, regardless

    there is a lot more, in terms of settings and combinations, from 'normal' overdrive to sputter choked fuzz to just stanky lovethunder. In person (or a better recording) there is a LOT of low end. a LOT

    for those curious, before I post more, this is mosfet based, using mosfets for gain and for clipping/crossover distortion. there is an... odd JFET configuration in there as well
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