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Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by oresama, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. oresama


    Mar 4, 2006
    :hyper: just because it's me 90% of the time
    don't ask about the other 10%...

    Hello everyone, my name is Joe. I've been playing since Christmas 04, so that puts me at 1 year and 3 months. Not very long at all but I have a fairly long musical "history" starting at age 10 with the violin, 12 trumpet, 13-15 drums, 15-18 drums, piano, 18-19 bass. It's been my main focus completely since I picked it up. I originally picked it up in July of 04 because my friends were making a band and needed a bass player so I figured I'd pick up a new instrument. The lead guitarist is a very close friend of mine and from when I've heard him play before I knew too much about guitars or bass at all he was amazing. Unfortunately just 2 weeks later I had to sell it back because I needed the money to pay for my rent. Life alone at 17 is harsh on the wallet and hobbies :) My grandparents "bought" me the same bass back on christmas. "Bought" = pay them back a little at a time. Don't get me wrong, I appreciated it very much and still do because I really loved it those 2 weeks I had it.

    So now, 1 year and 3 months later I'm at a point where I think I'm much better. Believe it or not I've only seen my friend who plays the guitar very well twice since that time. He's coming home for spring break in a week and I'm excited to see him and play with him. I still remember vividly a solo in a song called Cage by Dir En Grey which I never thought I'd get on the bass. Now when I look at it, even though it's not the most difficult thing, it makes me realize how much I've grown. It's a different feeling from anything else. Being able to look back at a leap you had to make and realizing that you had made it over it...and never even realized it. That's what has always driven my liking to playing music, especially the bass. Of course, one of the even better, slightly-egotistical, feelings is when you meet another bass player you think is amazing...then a mutual friend hears you play and says you're way better than the person you held in such a high light. Don't get me wrong, I still think that guy is amazing and ask him for help whenever I'm stuck -- something important I learned early on in life was that it's good to learn from those better than you, but you learn just as much from those who are lesser than you..you learn what not to do. :) Again that sounds negative but I hope you get the point..

    I've never once gotten bored with my guitar and just 2 nights ago I found myself messing around on it, trying to figure things out and playing songs I already know for practice or to improve them, for nearly 5 hours straight. I've started looking closer into big names in the bass world. I hate to say it but I forgot his name, the lead singer from Primus, he is incredibly skilled. Though I must say that my inspirations for playing were Toshiya of Dir En Grey and Ryan Martiene of Mudvayne. As of late, I've really grown to finding whatever I can of Stu Hamm and Victor Wooten playing. AMAZING!! It's showing me a whole new level I wish to reach. I've never accepted being 2nd best at anything and seeing people who are truly a 10/10 skill when I thought I was maybe a 7/10 makes me realize I'm maybe a 1/10...if I'm lucky. There is TONS more to learn and thats my main reason for looking into this fourm.

    I mean this with absolutely no arrogance but I'm getting a bit disheartened without finding anyone who is really better than me. I want to find someone like that. Someone who completely shakes me like Victor Wooten, Ryan Martiene, etc, have. To give myself a tangible goal to reach but with the "human" characteristic that big names lack so that I could learn something.

    I don't know what I'll find here but I certainly hope I'm welcomed warmly by people who share common goals in the musical hobbies/careers.

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