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Desperate for Guru help with this switch wiring!! please Help me Gurus!!!

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by BarkerBass, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Sorry for the desperate nature of the title but I've been battling with this switch issue for months now and have finally decided to ask for as much help as I can.

    My bass has a MM duel coil pickup between 2 jazz single coil pickups.

    I've wired the MM (bart) with the diagram for neck single/series/bridge single switching (it's the first diagram on the 2nd page of this link: http://www.bartolini.net/instructions/pickups/passive/switching/4cnd_sw1.htm )

    and want the jazz pickups to be wired the same: Neck/series/bridge

    and each pickup set (mm vs single coils) should have it's own output from the switch (they are then run into the sides of a blend pot so Jazz and MM coils can be blended or isolated)

    Currently the MM pickup functions as it should through the switch while the jazz pickups don't, the single coils work but together they sound quiet thin... it's not a phase problem as I've just tried switching phases with a switch and wiring them so and I know the switch worked it just didn't have any effect on the sound when the first switch was in the middle. I have a hunch that the Jazz pickups arn't outputting in the middle position and I'm getting a very quiet MM series sound bleeding through somewhere. just a hunch of mine.

    Is it possible to have the Jazz single coils working in the way I desire on an on/odd/on switch like the one used in the Bart diagram (mines a DT/TT) switch so I'd be using one half for MM and one for Jazz p'ups.

    Please help me TB people! :bawl:
  2. oops, when I mentioned the Jazz pickup switch being neck/series/bridge what I actually meant was I want it to be : neck/both/bridge

    I assumed that when both jazz pickups are usually run together they're in series but I think I'm wrong... which ever way gets you the usual both p'ups on full jazz tone is what I want from the centre position is the mini switch. I've been searching all day online for such a diagram and I can't find 1 anywhere.
  3. Thanks line6 that's exactly what I want BUT the problem is I'd like to accomplish this using the same switch as the MM uses for it's coil changing. The MM requires an on/off/on switch while every diagram (like the one you found me, thanks) seems to use on/on/on swicthes for single coils, I'm hoping some clever person can work out if it's possible to wire an on/off/on swicth to do the same as the on/on/on one you found me.

    Thanks for the help though :)
  4. Nope, that isn't going to work, short of having switches custom made.

    The coil splitter switch for the MM works by running the coils in series, and then shorting out either coil when you want to run the other coil only. It requires an On/Off/On switch, otherwise both coils will short out and mute all output.

    The pickup selector switch works by selecting either coil to go to the output, or, both coils in the middle position.
    Using an On/Off/On switch to do this would route neither pickup to the output.

    You need to use separate switches.
  5. Thanks again Line6... this is where is begins to get very complicated so I apologise in advanced.:meh:

    with the switch wired how it is atm I can get the neck jazz and neck coil of the MM to make humbuckers which is a great tonal option (also works the same for the bridge coils) However for this to be possible the jazz coils must be out of phase with one another and for them to run together their phase must be switched. :rollno:

    I've just had an idea of adding a second switch which would take both jazz p'up's wires and bypass the current switch to allow both jazz p'ups to be run together (back in phase), or allow the jazz coils to be sent into the other switch for the "humbucker" tones when combined with the MM coils. It's a very rough idea currently, and as far as I can think it through would involve a DPDT (2 way) switch wired like this: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=kill_switch
    with both the jazz pickup's wires having been split to go into this switch as well as the previous coil 3 way toggle. This way when 2 way "kill switch" is on the 2 jazz pup's signal will be sent to one half of the blend pot and when the switch is off this signal will be muted. My thought is that this will be useful cos I'll be able to use the other switch as it currently functions but when in the middle position (and blend pot turned to jazz side, i.e no usable output) I can flick the new 2 way toggle and let both jazz p'ups in phase signal through.

    Let me state that the only reason I don't want to use 2 toggles, one for each set of pickups is because that way I won't be able to get the "humbucker" tones because in order to get both on full jazz tones the phases conflict with the Mm coils so I'm working on a simple way around this.

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