Destined to play bass??

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    Jun 15, 2001
    I think all musicians have a certain instrument that they are supposed to play. I play the piano, bass, drums and guitar but I can tell that I was destined to play the bass... here is my story:

    I've been playing the piano since I was 4 (I'm 15 now) and I was always interested in the bass. I saw a picture of a bass once when I was in about second grade, and I was like "cool! a BASS guitar." After that, I started listening to music just to hear the bass, and playing bass on the lower 4 strings of a trash acoustic guitar. When I was in 5th grade I started listening to No Doubt and really admired Tony Kanal's style and educated my friends and family about the bass by playing songs like "Different People" and pointing out the bassline. Most of them had never heard of this strange instrument...

    When I was 13, I got my first bass rig (a squier p bass special and a 12 watt crate with DSP.) I practiced for 5-8 hours a day, and before long I could play pretty much any song on the bass. Then I upgraded to some better gear recently.

    The main reason why I think I was destined to play the bass is the fact that whenever I doubt the fact that I am a real bass player, I wake up in the morning with some groove in my head and figure out how to play it on my bass, and I am convinced that I must be a real bass player after all...

    Anyway thats my corny story. I made it sound that way on purpose just to get my point across - I was meant to play bass, man!

    Do you guys have any similar stories?? Lets hear 'em!
  2. i love bassist i am a true bassist
    thats about it heh...................
    im a muscian first and bassist second
    but i love the bass theres no real story
    i played guitar for a while then switched bass
    now i am in it forever bottom-enders rule
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    Jun 20, 2000
    Lawrence, Ma
    I took piano lessons when I was in 3rd grade, and I really picked it up quickly. However, I was more interested in playing basketball than piano, so I quit the lessons. I don't think I have the hands for piano. Even now that I like to play the piano, my wrists usually are sore after just a little playing. Anyway, I basically jumped right into playing bass last year. I wanted to play an instrument, and I gravitated towards the bass guitar. I never wanted to play the guitar either. I think the bass guitar(more specifically, the 6 or more string fretless) is my "destined" instrument. But I wouldn't be too quick to discount other instruments. I'd love to be able to play all kinds of instruments if I could afford to buy them...
  4. LIke Dave, piano lessons filled up my early years. When I was about 5 or 6, my parents gave me a set of drums one Christmas. That Christmas day, I took a butter knife and cut up all the heads, without trying to play them.

    In 7th grade, I saw the Beatles the first time they appeared on US TV and I had to have an electric guitar and amp. With a lot of begging, (after the Christmas experience with the drums), I got the guitar on Christmas. My parents said play something. I told them I couldn't since I needed an amp. I pulled a con job, because I knew I wouldn't get it if I asked for both pieces of gear at once.

    When some school friends formed a band with me, I was playing all the bass lines on the guitar. One night, we went to a local high school dance and I saw my first live rock band. There was this sound that just filled up the gym, that came through the wooden floor through my feet and shook my ass. I figured out it was the bassist making that sound and I was hopelessly in love.

    Basses weren't too common at the time, relative to guitars, and most available were expensive. So, I took the B and high E off the guitar, and drove 4 naills into the headstock so I could detune the guitar strings to bass pitches. That lasted about 4 months before I got my first real bass, a Hofner copy. It may have sounded better if I still didn't have my 2-12" Silvertone guitar amp.

    Like some here, there was one time I tried to put the bass down over the years. Obviously, it didn't last. :D
  5. woah ! our butterknives aren't even sharp enough to cut the butter itself :D

    heheh.. anyway !

    I think it is my destiny to play bass ( and rule the world, muahahah !! ).
    i mean it's obvious.. my fingers are long and thick, thus perfect to roam my bass' fretboard.

    When i was young, i never really listened to the bass, but when i turned 18, all of a sudden i fell in love with the bass, and it's been passion ever since.. it's like some supernatural force awakened inside me, and made me love the bass when i turned 18 ( or was it the excessive amounts of pot ? :D )
  6. The angel Gabriel shown unto me as a ball of flame on a winged steed and whispered in my ear, "Wood and 4 strings are divine things."

    I was going to Catholic school at the time.