SOLD Devon 4 string jazz bass

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    Devon 4 string jazz bass. Swamp ash body, maple neck. Im guessing this is a Bubinga top. It has a natural oil and wax finish that feels silky smooth. It has just a couple of lil dents from being natural wood.The nut width is just under 1.5 at 1.4375. It feels like a 60's jazz neck with enough depth to make it comfy. Devon's classic super smooth fingerboard edges make it easy to play. Its outfitted with Aero Type 1 single coils, and an Aguilar OBP3 pre. v,b,b/t, mid, with a pp for mids. Classic bridge with reverse tuners. It comes with the white pg, but i showed what it looks like with a black pg also (not included). It weighs in at 9.8lbs on br scale. Its got a killer, punchy tone with super low action. no issues. It just had a pro setup with new strings. Comes with old gigbag that came with it. Im only selling this (and many other Basses to come) because over the last year Ive kinda transitioned to Dingwalls and MANY of my basses are getting zero play time, so look for some really nice basses for sale from me! So, No Trades, unless it says Dingwall on the headstock. Price drop for quick sale.. $1150 $875 shipped CONUS ONLY.

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    Killer deal.
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    on hold....
  4. What a deal. A 2000 dollar bass!! Never pay retail/new!