No longer available Devon Classic Gen4 5 String Jazz

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  1. ivlucas

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    Dec 19, 2006
    Thomasville, GA
    C45F6110-C717-4AF5-8611-CE06A93667F4.jpeg 28EAC378-E8E5-4964-A2F1-C4D2F6C92B1B.jpeg C45F6110-C717-4AF5-8611-CE06A93667F4.jpeg 28EAC378-E8E5-4964-A2F1-C4D2F6C92B1B.jpeg Devon Classic Jazz

    Plays like butter and sounds even better. Here are the specs:


    Model: Devon J5 Classic — Gen 4

    Body: Chambered Ash, rear-routed

    Top: Quilted Sapele

    Pickguard: Clear Acrylic and cream pearloid

    Neck: Graphite reinforced 3-piece Maple

    Number of frets: 22 frets, 35” scale

    Fretboard: Rosewood

    Headstock overlay: matching body

    Finish Body and Neck: Satin nitro finish

    Hardware color: Black

    Bridge: Hipshot A, Aluminum, 19mm

    Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite, 1/2” posts, lollipop

    Strap Buttons: Dunlop

    Pickups: Nordstrand: DC5 set with single-coil, series and parallel coil-tap switches

    Electronics: 4 knobs: Nordstrand 3b with stacked volume/tone, pickup blend, stacked bass/treble, mids with mid-frequency push/pull, active/passive switch.

    Nut: Bone

    Weight: 9lbs 10oz

    Willing to consider trades with cash coming this way. I can use an Eich head and Rupert Neve preamp at the moment
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  2. ivlucas

    ivlucas Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2006
    Thomasville, GA
    B2904789-8B7F-4912-9013-42154792EFC0.jpeg 31273FE5-2927-442B-89DA-B0B8F89F142E.jpeg B965EC19-452F-4B34-AE11-7A0D5A42B8DE.jpeg 695D9343-9BE9-4B9C-AD69-7A37D5C8F8BD.jpeg 9B9DF0DE-95FE-48F6-9E3E-1413D735E47C.jpeg FBB1AA87-4DB7-4CAF-87ED-F7B3CA8A854C.jpeg 0BB835FD-BF01-4F18-BE1E-5461E7C741AB.jpeg 8B058054-F3B0-449E-A813-03F088E62AE5.jpeg 8DDB17D6-DCAA-4337-B1DD-1B4F659E0410.jpeg C04323AC-BAA4-43D6-B17C-651491AAFA41.jpeg
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  3. jebmd

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    May 4, 2009
    Iona, Florida
    Beautiful bass with perfect specs and an excellent seller.
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  4. bluesblaster


    Jan 2, 2008
    I picked up a Devon J5 recently, it practically plays itself, its that nice.
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