DG Microtubes 500/900 speaker load?

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  1. gnonymous


    Dec 27, 2019
    Hey everyone, I’ve been looking into lightweight rigs to skip the cabs and run directly to FOH. I was looking at Darkglass preamps and DI’s and noticed that their heads have a note in the FAQ that they can be run directly out without a speaker load. Has anyone tried or verified this? I would hate to fry such a beautiful piece of kit. Also wondering if the latency of the cab sim would make it unplayable in a live setting. Any help with these two questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Yes pretty much any good solid-state amp can be run without a speaker. Mesa Subway amps are especially good at this as the DI is top notch.
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  3. Think of it as a DI and Preamp box with a built in Power Amp if you want to push a cab.

    I use heads as just a DI often.