DI on a Ampeg B-15N?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a mid 60s Ampeg B-15N. Can I use the 1/4" external amp jack as a DI to the soundboard?:confused:

  2. I don't know the amp personally, but I don't see any reason why not? I thought of doing the same thing with my Fender tube head...

    It won't be a balanced signal, but it should work... maybe you should put it into a DI and then send a balanced line to the board
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    I have a B-15N as well. The output on mine is labeled "EXT AMP", so it is the output of the preamp. (i.e. presumably intended to be fed to a larger power amp) A DI, strictly speaking, is Microphone level, which is quite a bit lower voltage. If you are going to a PA system, then you probably can do this as long as the input on the PA you connect to is a line level input. You do not want to connect to a mic-level input, as the signal voltage you provide would be too large. If you are planning on going into a real DI input on a recording console you probably wouldn't want to do this (same as above). In recording situations, it is my understanding that the B-15N is typically mic'ed. that way you get the cabinet sound not just the preamp sound.

    Check out the following link.


    Hope this helps,

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    I've been thinking about exactly this question lately. Some people say the sound of an amp's power tubes contribute so much to the "tube amp sound" that you can't get that sound using only a tube preamp (especially with just one 12ax7 like so many tube preamps these days). So it would be cool to be able use the entire b15n amp as an effects box, outputting an instrument-level signal.

    There are a few products which approach this idea, but none in current production that I know of that are an easy plug-and-play fix. Anybody care to weigh in on dummy loads etc.?
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