DI pedal shootout

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    Sep 24, 2007
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    Over the years Ive tried a bunch of DIs as Im sure a bunch of us have. In the past Ive owned a VT Bass deluxe and a BDDI programmable. Both of which I sold when I wasnt playing in a band.

    A few months a go I put together a new band doing more of a old school metal thing and when I a gear buying spree. My current rig is a GK800RB through a Ampeg 810E and Im using a Spector NS4 CRFM (pre Euro) and a Spector Rex.

    Ive never been big on effect for bass but I wanted to add a bit of grit to my tone so I bought a SansAmp ParaDriver. I messed with it for awhile but didnt care for it and Sold it.

    The next pedal I bought was a MXR M80. Great tones from this pedal and after very little tweaking I settled on using the distortion channel with the gain at 1 o'clock and the blend almost all the way clean. I ran the bass and treble at boon and the mids craked.

    Last week I decided to give the BDDI another shot and picked one up. I mounted it on my pedal board before my M80 so I could A-B them during rehearsal. The bass driver sounded great till I switched it off and turned the M80 back on. The M80 had a ton more punch but didnt have the grit the bass driver did. Then I decided to run both pedals at the same time. Boom, there was my grit and my punch. Both pedals will be staying on my board from now on :bassist: