SOLD Diamond BC-1, VT Deluxe, VT with Putnam mods, Q-tron, and more!

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    Oct 26, 2014
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    I am re-doing my board and cleaning house. All the pedals work as designed, some are like new, some have surface wear. Price included shipping anywhere CONUS. Make me an offer for multiple pedals.
    Diamond Bass Comp BCP-1 - $155 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE -
    Tech21 VT Bass Deluxe - $155 - SOLD

    Tech21 VT Bass with Mike Putnam custom mods - $155 - Good condition with some superficial edge wear. Putnum mods: Stereo headphone output and stereo aux in, and blend. These three mods would cost $180 from Mike. P u t n a m G u i t a r s - MODS.

    MXR bass auto Q - $45 - Good condition - with velcro on bottom The MXR Bass Auto Q is an auto-wah / envelope filter based on the sound of the Cry Baby pedal, this one designed specifically for bass guitar. The Bass Auto Q features adjustable sensitivity and blendable LFO signal.

    Electro-harmonix Q-Tron Envelope Filter - $65 - fair condition (some superficial scratches) with velcro on bottom and original box. Note: 24V powered. Comes with handmade 2-to-1 power plug so you can power 24V from your power brick using two 12V or other suitable voltage combination in series. (My MXR power brick does not output 24V, but two outputs can be used in series to get 24V, other pedalboard supplies with isolated outputs can also do this) Also included is the original 24V power supply wall wart though the plug was cut off to make the before mentioned custom power cable.

    DOD Gunslinger - $45 - mint condition with original box (no velcro) Never been on a pedal board. The DOD Gunslinger is a MOSFET based distortion featuring low and high tone controls, independent gain and volume, and true bypass circuitry.

    Moor Lofi Machine - $35 - Good condition, original box, back sticker came off when velcro was removed. I bought this in Taiwan myself. Fun pedal, pretty sensitive to small knob changes. The Mooer LoFi Machine is a sample rate reduction pedal. It has a switch to configure its frequency range for synth, guitar, and bass, mini mix and sample knobs, and a larger Bit knob for bit depth.
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    Oct 26, 2014
    Salt Lake City
    All pedals have been sold or given away.