For Sale/Trade DiCosimo Audio - Transboost Pedal

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    DiCosimo Audio - Transboost Pedals (Frank Appleton Designed)

    This is the Transboost pedal as designed by Frank Appleton (FEA) and voiced by JohnK. This is a very cool pedal that uses a small transformer for a unique sound. The "Drive" and "Volume" controls do what you'd expect. The "Clip" control adds in soft clipping that smooths out the overdrive and adds a little compression. With heavy overdrive you get some sweet sounding transformer core saturation. Besides overdrive, the pedal can also be used as a nice, punchy sounding clean boost.

    I have 2 pedals ready to go and don't plan to build any more.

    The price is $180 shipped CONUS. (Shipping extra for international.)
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    Please tell me you’ve got one with my name on it!? :woot: