did i blow my bass cab?

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    Aug 5, 2008
    ok i am running ampeg Svt 2pro head with a ampeg svt 410hlf for acouple of months now. the head is 300Walll tube and the cabe is rated to 400 or 500W rms so it should be able to handle it. Last pratice i was doin what i do best when i heard a really windy/ puffs of air sound comeing from the bottm right speaker. I thought i had a hole or something in it but after looking i couldnt see any hole of feel and excess air being pushed out. so i took it home. after playing it the for awhile it began to sound like a rattle. almost as if the cloth part of the speaker was beating on something metal. so i laid it on its back and played and the sound got worse. then i leaned it forward and i couldnt tell any difference. I adjusted the settings on my amp and tuned the gain up a little and the volume down. I could then hear a crackeling from somewhere. I checked all the cables to make sure they were in and that it wasnt my bass imput and they all seemed fine. I began to play and at certain frequence/notes there was a distinct kind of distortion. Do yo guys have any idea whats goin on? is there a safe way to open the cab without breaking impotant seals or damageing anything. where could i buy a new speaker if i need one. thanks for your time Joey
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    Don't know about your cab, but I think you broke my brain with your post.

    You should be able to just unscrew the screws holding the speakers in. If the seals are impotent then they probably need changing anyway. Call your local Ampeg repair center, if there is such a thing now. I know there are no more in my area.
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    Might be a little late with the reply but i did the same to a ampeg bxt 4x10. but i also got a messed up rattle out of my swr cab but it turned out to be a pre amp tube. does the amp you use have those and if so tap on them lightly when the amp is on, if you get a sharp ping noise then it is time for tube replacement. but if not a suggest celestion speakers instead of the eminence speakers ampeg uses. nothing but problems with them for me in the past
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    Next time you don't get answers, bump the thread at a different time of day.

    It could be many things, but I'm thinking possibly you have a bum preamp tube. If you have a spare, try it. If not, go get one...12AX7A's are relatively cheap and easy to replace. And if that's not the problem, at least you'll have a spare 12AX7 now. Past that and you're going to have to take it to a tech to have it looked at. If it's a power tube it should be replaced by a tech.
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    Heheh, "Did I blow my bass cab?"

    How drunk were you?
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    Late to this thread as well, but if the cab is under warranty, don't void it.

    If it isn't, Your description sounds like an air leak, easily repaired. Take the said "malfunctioning" speaker off and inspect the sealing material there is between the cab and the speaker frame. Renew if necessary. When assembling, tighten the speaker screws evenly to avoid warping the frame.

    When the speaker is in Your hand, gently and evenly push the cone in both directions and listen/feel for any scratching, ie. voice coil rubbing against the magnet or dirt in the gap.

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    Yeah, I think you speaker/air leak guys may be right and I may have missed the boat with the tube thing. What made me think it might be a tube was him saying that it got worse after adjusting the gain/master up/down. But yeah, now I'm inclined to think it's a blown speaker or air leak since reorienting the cab made things worse, too. Who knows?