DIff Pups for Different basses

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  1. Random question...

    Just Curious really..

    Jazz bass u see Jazz Pups
    P Basses u see P-Bass pups
    MM u see a MM style pickup

    Bases that arent based upon a Jazz or P Shape you very rarely see Jazz pickups on them.. more Soapbars, Dual Coil Humbuckers and the like

    Is there a Reason for this...

    I cant see a reason why bass building wouldnt use a set of Jazz Pickups on say a MTD, Fodera and or Tobais...

    bassically I am building this project


    Not a standard Jazz shape more a Peavey Cirrus-esq shape..I went straight for Soapbars / Humbuckers cause that what is widely used on this style of bass...but what about jazz :p...
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    you get diffrent sounds from the diff type pups.

    Hum/soaps usually more hi fi sound, P more of a deep thump sound, J more of a growly sound, more in the mid range, then again theres hum jazz style, which are a bit more hi fi.

    really, its what type of sound you shoot for, not the body shape.

    i have a P body with jazz pups on it...
  3. That was my initial thinking...

    But having a Good quality pair of Jazz Pups and a good quality Pre-amp is always a good start

    i have a pair of Marcus Miller Jazz Pickups and tonal circuit kicking aobut was thinkin about using them in conjunction with a Shack 18v System or maybe a op-1 or Sad onboard pre-amp...

    Though i would probably get some black soapbar covers cuase i like the look...

    tryin to find them in the UK is always fun :)
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    Soapbar refers to the shape only, not the coil configuration. You can have soapbar P pickups, soapbar single coils etc.

    One reason I like soapbars is that mfr's like Bart and EMG will make different coil configurations available in the same soapbar shape. So you can, say, swap between a P and a J in neck position by only changing the pickup - and swap back if you don't like it without any routing having to be done.