Difference between Digital Out and Line Out?

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  1. Hello, this seems like a dumb question but I just got a new TC RH450 and it comes with both a digital out and a line out. My question is what is the difference between the two?

    I have a Focusrite Solo audio interface, and I'm not sure which of the amp's Outs I'm supposed to use to connect it to the interface?

    Again, sorry if this seems like a dumb question; I tried looking it up but didn't really get an answer and the manual seems to imply both can be used.
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    The line out is the "line level" analog output that comes out of the preamp and is used to input sound to another processor or amplifier. Your amp has the option of using a standard 1/4" instrument cable or a 3 pin XLR (microphone) cable.

    The digital out is called AES/EBU and uses a specialized cable. It is used to send a digital signal to a DAW or other computer controlled processor with digital input.

    The digital input on your Focusrite Solo is a USB connector, which I believe is incompatible with the AES/EBU out of your amp (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

    According to your TC owners manual:

    Which really doesn't matter because you should just use the standard analog line out. The sound quality that results will be the same, either way, because the only difference is the quality of the analog to digital (A/D) converters in each unit, and the difference, if any, should be undetectable.

    AES/EBU Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia
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