differences between Tech21 VT Deluxe and Bass Driver Deluxe ?

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    Are these basically the same pedal ?
    I see that the the Bass Driver Deluxe has a Blend control .. which would be a cool additional control, and I see that the Bass Driver Deluxe does NOT have the Character control (which makes me wonder how you dial it in)

    can anyone talk to me about the functional differences in these two pedals ?

    I have VT Deluxe and love it. Its an always on device in my signal chain.
    I also take advantage of the presets and Character control. I basically have 3 clean and 3 dirty choices set up ... more or less use the B15, SVT, and "modern slap" settings from the Tech21 manual, and then I make the clean settings cleaner than their suggestions and make the dirty setting a bit more driven.

    great pedal, really works for me
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    No, though there is some overlap in the sounds they are very different. You already have the VT so you know what that does. The Blend control just allows you to mix in your straight signal with SansAmp circuit. That's easy enough to do with the VT Deluxe if you run it into a mixer. Just send the buffered parallel output to an additional channel and mix the two. You could also use a mix pedal in the effects loop of the VT Deluxe to do the same thing if desired.