different country Fender body & neck

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  1. I'm hoping to put together a Fender Mexican Jazz body and Fender Japanese neck. Does anyone have experience with this either on J or P basses and if so, is the result good/any problems etc? Thanks TalkBassers
  2. Sorry, I should have said, it's a 62 reissue for both body and neck, thanks
  3. Yes they should fit just about perfectly,go for it
  4. There should be no problems,my Precision is a MIJ PB-57 body & a MIM neck.
  5. Thanks guys; I'm proceeding with it and will post something once I get it together and playing!
  6. A quick update. Put the bass together with new DR Fat Beams, set it up beautifully and it sounds awesome! It's now one of my favourites. Just want to make it a bit more ballsy so a pair of Nordstrand pups on the way and will further update once they're fitted, as well as pics.
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    have done it before, MIJ Fender necks rule, go for it