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    Although I'm involved with enough different musical projects, on occasion I check the local CL musicians classified to see what is going on.

    This is going to show my age...

    But I am amused by some of the ways that some musicians choose to categorize their music.

    Okay, I get Rock, Pop, Rap, Country, Traditional country, New country, Hard Rock, Classic rock, oldies, Blue grass, Metal, Soul, Hip hop, Funk, Punk, etc...

    But some of the listings make my head spin.

    What is "Melodic easycore" or "Indie noise"?

    I'm guessing that if you like those genres you know them by name.

    Am I alone in being confused, or am I just really, really old?
  2. I get confused about the "core"s. That said, I play in a band that crosses a few of the metal sub-genres (stoner, doom, sludge), so I can understand the need to specify what you do or aim to do.

    For instance, we looked for a drummer for a long time and saying we were a "metal" band attracted blast beat double bass types and that wasn't at all what we were looking for. We were looking for a John Bonham type on steroids and never got that with the "metal" ads. When we posted an ad for a jammy drummer that liked metal we got way better results.
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    That makes sense. Some of the categories almost seem made up.

    "Melodic easy core" for example...

    I'm not trying to be mean, I just find some of it odd.
  4. I didn't find it mean at all and I struggle with it as well. Sometimes the sub-genres matter.. Sometimes it's just noise (or alt-noise.. ha).
  5. I feel the sub genre thing is a double edged sword. If you know what you're looking for it's very descriptive, if you're unfamiliar it's just confusing.

    for example I played in a death metal band previously. now many of you would say "why does it have to be death metal, why can't you just call it metal?" but the death metal guys would ask me what kind of death metal and I'd tell them "brutal slam death metal" and they knew exactly what I meant.

    video examples:

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    Melodic easycore? That sounds like a joke, but I just searched it and there's a band out there that actually goes by that description. How 'bout that. :meh:
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    Jan 7, 2014
    My understanding is, coming from a metal background, is that you need to have breakdowns to be called a 'core' band.

    My band is melodic deathcore maybe? Or progressive metal...maybe haha
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    For the confused, "-core" is a family of music genres related to heavy metal and punk. "Metalcore" started out as a fusion of thrash metal musicianship with hardcore punk aggression (similar to how speed metal and punk were the ancestors of thrash metal). As charlie_rtr alludes to, breakdowns are virtually ubiquitous in metalcore, though ironically my favorite breakdowns are in Metallica and Death.

    The other -core genres I know about are deathcore (even heavier with death metal influences, but frequently more breakdowns), mathcore (allying with the asymmetric, "mathematical" time sigs of math-rock), and mallcore (a derisive term referring to more commercial bands that fall near the -core umbrella and tend to identify themselves as -core).
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    I think every genre is an obvious cousin of the core genre's rock, country, metal, rap/hip hop, etc. But these days I think many re just getting creative with the names...a lot of them I don't get or understand either.
  11. its really gotten out of hand IMO. basically people are trying to categorize bands that sound similar to one another, its like a trend for people to convince themselves they know something about music. but a lot of times it gets really silly.

    On my itunes I have playlists like Metal Radio, Rock Radio, Acoustic, Live(as in live in concert), Wifes playlist, instrumental (bands or solo artists with guitar,drums and bass but no vocals) and Classical. oddly enough I'm mysteriously able to put every single song I have in one of those catagories. Sometimes I put several different songs by the same band in several categories.

    Basically anything they would play on a rock radio station I put under rock. Metal is everything from thrash to prog to industrial metal, you name it. genres like post rock and post metal either end up in the rock, metal, or instrumental categories. the music snobs would say most of the music I put under classical isn't really classical music. IN a way thats somewhat true, I wouldn't really consider Hans Zimmer classical music but pretty much anything thats mainly piano, strings, and so on goes in there. "Live" is pretty obvious. for acoustic these are songs with no electric guitars, songs with some acoustic guitars end up on another playlist.

    Id like to here a "trendy" person come up with a genre for "Twelve foot Ninja." There music touches on a ton of subgenres.
  12. I've been really into psychfolk recently.
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    Prog-Psychedelic-Gregorian Chant-MetalRockabilly Surf-Jazz for me........
  14. I don't like that kind of music. I'm more of a Swedish-prog-death-psychedelic-post-punkabilly guy.