Different Maggie, different question

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  1. What I have: a Magnatone Hurricane bass (not the one I posted about yesterday) so modded there is no possibility of restoration
    to original spec. (Don't bother asking for details; the only surviving original part that has not been modified is the top nut.)

    * P/J configuration with a Bartolini P and an anonymous J pickup
    * V/blend/V control arrangement
    * No ground to bridge but the electronics instead hooked to a 4 x 7inch metal plate screwed into the body beneath the pickguard (?!?!?)

    What I want:

    * Keep the P & J and add a third pickup at the neck
    * Put all three pickups on V/T concentric pots
    * No pickup selector switch(es); each pickup goes directly to the output jack, bypassing the other pickups, essentially three single-pickup basses on one husk, using the volume control(s) to activate/blend the pickups

    What I want to know:

    Is this even doable? I know I can hook the pups to the jack in the manner described, but how would the instrument sound?
    Would working multiple pickups independently in this way create capacitance/resistance issues that would undermine the whole effort? Is there other electrical quicksand I may be striding into?