Different pickup style in diff bass body

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  1. I know this was part of another post I started, but there have been no replies with that title

    Anyway, is it ok to do some route and soldering work and put in some different pickups? (ie: using a P body to put in J pickups) I know Mr. Hoppus has made his J bass into a J bass with P pickups, but this was done by pros.

    But who knows, maybe I'll bring the new pickups and the bass to the shop and let them do it. I just need to know if it's ok because I just got a battered up Fender musicmaster and I want to replace those pickups with either a J/P, P, or J configuration.

    Any hope of doing this with a short scale successfully???
  2. Note: It currently has a single coil GUITAR pickup.
  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Is this sorta' what ya' got?...


    ...if that's the beast, you might wanna' consider either
    a Seymour Duncan or RioGrande single coil P-bass type.
    It seems like this pup would require the least amount
    of cuttin'. The important thing is the string spacing -
    won't do ya' any good if it's an easy fit, but the strings
    don't line-up over the polepieces. Another point: Since
    they ARE single coils, make sure all your grounds are solid.
    Maybe even throw in some shielding while ya' got it all apart.

    Here's what they look like...


    I dunno WHO sells either RioGrande model. All 3 S/D's -
    Vintage, Hot, and ¼ Pounder - are available at Warmoth
    for ~$56/ea.

    Another option would be a pup with "blade" type polepieces.
    Fer instance, the DiMarzio DP127 (Split P)...


    ...not such a concern for string spacin', but more slicin' & dicin'.