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  1. Interceptor


    Mar 29, 2005
    Madison, WI
    I'm in the middle of going against the herd. I'm building a rack to power my heavy cabinets.

    The logic is I play a mix of work ranging from blues to pop diva support. I want one set of gear that can handle it all. It has to be reliable, and able to scale from intimate settings to decent sized outdoor event without support. I really don't care about weight even though I'm a pretty compact guy. I do care about tone. I have my cabinet solution solved; two EV tl606 and one EBS 611. I use one of the EV's most of the time, the EBS when I want broader dispersion (and a more hi-fi tone) and both the EV's when the volume is more serious. Amp is also locked, a QSC 1602.

    What remains is preamp. Right now, I'm using a Sadowsky external pre into a Mackie 1202 to drive the QSC. It sounds killer, but is kind of a science project. I really like the Sadowsky, and if it was able to bring the QSC to full power I'd be done. That's the sound I'm after.

    I'm very tempted to build a docking station with a balanced out and enough gain to drive the QSC. Am I nuts?



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    Oct 17, 2005
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    Radio Design Labs STA-1 converts unbalanced to balanced, corrects the impedance, and provides 20dB gain. Perfect for converting the Sad pre output signal for driving a power amp.
  3. Interceptor


    Mar 29, 2005
    Madison, WI
    Thank you!!!!!

    I wish I'd of thought of that. Doh. I've used RDL stuff for many years at my day job. Problem solved.

    Back to GAS free!!!!!