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  1. Hey - i'm not very good at getting different tones and stuff out of my amp (Hartke 2000 - has the graphic EQ and a 2 band EQ as well) so i was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on how i can get my bass to sound like : Kim Deal's bass on the pixies song "Gouge Away" from Debaser, and rancid's bassist (i dunno his name) on "Maxwell Murder" (i dont know the album) I have a P. BAss with passive electronics so no suggestions about active electronics. also i play with my fingers and not a pick (even though sometimes you need it for that "punch") so try to keep that in mind. Thanks
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    May 5, 2004
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    Well the Freeman tone is mostly pick and jazz bass, so I think you are somewhat out of luck there.
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    without being familiar with those tunes i cant get too specific
    a lot of your sound depends upon your technique - i know that sucks to hear, i hate to practice too ;)
    anyhow, it's not too hard to get a feel for what each frequency sounds like and how adjusting it on your amp can alter your tone. With a graphic eq i would suggest boosting and cutting each frequency one at a time and jotting down your impressions about what that sounds like - it takes a while to get a feel for eq'ing (kinda like practice), but it's worth it
    just remember that you really dont want to boost or cut a frequency all the way when your'e really playing
  4. ya for the matt freeman tone you really need to use a pick to match it. my band covers that song(Maxwell Murder) and I play with my fingers but I'm not going for an exact match of tone with it.