Different types of dirt

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  1. I know that there are some that are done to death... like muff clones and rat ones etc... I’m kinda curious how many different types of “system” exist...

    like over my 12 or so years of going through various overdrive / distortion / fuzz...
    super fuzz
    Gated fuzz (or is that a genre with various known types that are different ie mastotron )

    I guess just curiosity here... I never thought I’d be a dirt collector and yet apart from super fuzz, Octavia and tubescreamer that I never really liked I’m starting to collect them all...
    Is mosfet it’s own type ala mbd1/2?

    Just late night ramblings / musings... I know John k has his page with the hundreds of different pedals on there!
  2. Fuzz Face and Tonebender are a couple others. Gated fuzz is not so much a type unto itself, but rather any fuzz with a bias control to adjust (I believe) the voltage going into the circuit.
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  3. Opinions will vary and even among circuit creators there are differing opinions, approaches and yes even faithful beliefs and blasphemers. It can get really nutty and nit picky really fast when you drill down to a particular type of pedal or type particularly dirt. I have been through it several times with different models for various reasons and don't ever want to repeat those interesting/ entertaining/frustrating/expensive/time consuming (over several years once) forays ever again.
    John K has indeed amassed a huge and diverse collection based on his long years in the business in retail, service as a builder, repair and all around creative fellow but his collection is all American and there are oddities from all over the world it seems we may never see.