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  1. I'm currently in a semi-band, (looking for a guitarist) with my cousin as lead singer and brother as drummer. Things were seeming to go real good, but now I'm not sure about things. I'm getting real pissed at the singer's/drummer's attitude. All we play is red hot chili peppers, sublime, and live! they're giving in and letting me play some Alice in Chains, because they like that... but we can't play Rancid because it's too "punk". No Manson, the lyrics are too satanic:rolleyes: Plus, I don't think the singer even gives a damn about the music. He told me, in plain english, that we're gonna play whatever music we have to in order to get a gig!:mad: To me, that's just as bad as a boyband or something like that. He's just worried about popularity and girls. Could it ever occur to him that bands are supposed to be *gasp* fun?? And he doesn't want to play any originals at gigs! Can you imagine that! Just because nobody knows them! (it's gonna be hard for people to know them if they never hear them, get what i'm saying?) Which leads me to my next complaint..

    Oh, here's another one of his "rules": 95% of what we play has to be radio friendly music that everyone knows. Well excuse me, Mr. Sellout, but what's better, playing crappy music and getting gigs within 3 days but having no fun doing it, or working on music you like, getting gigs after working a couple months and having the time of your life? He's got a completely distorted image of what this band is supposed to be.

    And I wrote all the music, so if anything happens, I'm not going to let them steal my genius guitar riffs, god dammit! My bro wrote the drum beats, so they can keep them and write completely different music.

    I'm thinking of dropping out, leaving them in the dust and starting a no-pressure band with a bunch of people i've never seen in my life.

    Thanks for putting up with my b!tching
  2. Your singer wants to get gigs, get girls, and make money. Welcome to the world of a cover band.

    Do (for lack of a better term, non of you cover guys rip me apart now okay :D) "real" musicians have most of those same goals ? Yes, but they are willing to put in the years, not a few months as you seem to think it will work, of blood sweat and tears to get their baby, their artform to the level where it can get them the fame and the money and the girls.

    As far as a band being "fun" it is much more "fun" to play a cover that everybody knows and is rocking out to and get paid $200 at the end of the night than to play an original to the bartender who couldn't give two ****s about your band, and leave at the end of the night empty handed. Go ahead and ask any of the guys here that are in original bands if that exact scenario didn't hapeen to them at least once in their career, I don't think you'll like the answer.

    Now the flip side of the coin is if you are one of the bands that manage to build a loyal following then it will always be more gratifying, and at that point more "fun", to play your original music to them.

    That all being said I am in an original band, I do it for the same reason you and everybody else does it, cause I love it. But I can totally understand the guy who dosen't have a dream to become a rock star. The guy who is a doctor or a rocket scientist by day and who gets up on stage and rocks out with his buddies playing the Zepplin and Stones that they grew up on.

    Do I think you should stay in the band with a guy who has different musical ideals than you ? No, cause one of you is always gonna feel unrewarded. But you have to understand that his definition of "fun" is just as valid as yours, mine, and anyone elses.

    I didn't expect that to be so long and rant like, but oh well you get the point. :D
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    Feb 28, 2001
    Anyway, which cover bands have ever made it big ?
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    Mar 27, 2001
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    Why don't you just play a mix of originals and covers you already know?
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    Music-related content!

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    Exactly. If you are going to be strictly a cover band, you are going to have to "pimp" yourself and play what the audience wants to hear. I have had this conversation with my bandmates countless times: The bar or club owner is paying you to entertain his (or her) clientelle, not come in and play what you want to play, at the cost of driving everybody out of the bar with your 15 minute epics, that only a true fan of the original artist is going to know and appreciate. You say in your post, something to the effect of, "Isn't it all about having fun?" My opinion is that if you set your mind to it, you could have fun playing whatever song you're playing, regardless of whether or not you are a fan of that particular song. Finally, my chiropractor played in a band and used to give me advice while he was twisting me up like a pretzel: Play one song for the band and two for the audience.
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    Hategear Workin' hard at hardly workin'.

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    Appleton, Swissconsin
    www.vicferrari.com. This is the biggest band within a hundred mile radius of my area. I've heard they get anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 a gig, they sell out of CDs (of covers, mind you) at almost every show, when they play a show, they get huge amounts of radio attention and I doubt there is one person within the radius that I spoke of earlier that doesn't know the name "Vic Ferrari." Plus, they have to beat the chicks off of themselves with sticks. I have taken flack from my bandmates for saying that I would have no problem doing what they're doing, but it sounds like they have a pretty sweet gig going.
  8. What I want to do is do some covers and throw an orignal every few songs. he doesn't want to do ANY originals, thats the problem. Plus, if we DO do covers, (which I also want to do, BTW, just not all covers), why not do covers that WE dont want to do...

    In other words, lets say we want to play some RHCP songs and Offspring songs, but to get a gig, we need to play all NSYNC songs (shudder)... I think the singer would be willing to do that to get the gig and girls and money! Those are all very good things, but thats not what its all about!!
  9. I go back to what I said earlier. The two of you want different things.

    You're right and wrong at the same. That may not be what it's all about to you, however It sounds as though your singer is in it for fun, girls, and money...and not in it to become a famous rock star. In which case that IS what it's all about.
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    Maybe you could come up with a compromise. Personally, if I do go to a place with a cover band, I like to hear a bunch of different types of music. I want to hear some RHCP, Metallica, Oleander, and whatever else they want to throw in the mix. So you can play just about anything you want. I have even had some gigs with Rage and Guns and Roses in the same set along with an original.

    If you are writing your own music, you need to put it out there in front of people. If they don't like it, you have something coming up soon that they will like. If your singer still doesn't want to do that, then you are going in different directions, and one of you will feel like you aren't getting what you want out of music.
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    I think everyone else so far has put it well. Its what you make of it. To me if i had to play covers to make even $10 per person i'd do it instantaneously. I haven't ever gotten paid to play music yet-i'm getting high school arts credit for it but unless if they let colleges "buy" bassists i'm stuck-even then i'm not the world's greatest bassist-manager maybe ;) IMO a gig that can make some spending money which can turn into GEAR money is worth doin Pop music-since after you get the money you can always go back & do originals. Talk to them though. thats all