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Difficult Covers - no one listens to the bass player!!!

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Spinal Tapper, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. SteveC

    SteveC Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 12, 2004
    North Dakota
    We play a couple tunes in our cover band that I wish would go away and never be heard again, but unfortunately, people want to hear them. People buy drinks, and the venue pays us. Sometimes, if they have a really good night, we get a little extra. You don't have to like it, but it's part of the cover band business.
  2. Phalex

    Phalex Semper Gumby Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2006
    G.R. MI

    Amen brother!

    If I never had to play another Poison tune I'd be a happy camper, but chicks dig Poison, and guys dig chicks, and bar owners like having a house packed full of guys buying drinks for chicks.

  3. Matt R.

    Matt R.

    Jul 18, 2007
    Huntsville AL
    Wow, we cover that one too!:bassist:
  4. bassbully

    bassbully Endorsed by The PHALEX CORN BASS..mmm...corn!

    Sep 7, 2006
    Blimp City USA
    I dig playing covers why? 1.Well they pay 2. they get more gigs 3. You know what clubs you are booking at and if it will go over.4. If your good you can do bars, outdoor concerts, parties, benefits etc. Original music was my thing and its great but i learned you are so limited in where you can play offen for free or little money and to crowds that could take it or leave it.

    My old rock band had a few good originals and some people liked them but the covers ruled got us gigs and got us paid. I think the only way original bands can make a dime is to travel and get on multi band bills for a split. Now that i am in country its all covers and dancin...great stuff.
  5. RS


    Aug 27, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    I'd be very happy to have Ashes to Ashes selected as a song to cover.

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