Dig onto the big band with karaoke

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  1. I’ve been really digging into Frank Sinatra’s big band recordings with the likes of Joe Comfort and stumbled onto karaoke- yes KARAOKE posts on YouTube. Some are the actual recordings minus the vocal and are miraculously revealing as to how Riddle, May, and Costa layered the big band over the cooking hot bass/drums. You get a different perspective as to how the bass and drums mix and hear the often otherwise inaudible guitar. For example:

    Be careful not to mess with the computer generated stuff, AND some of the keys have been changed to slow down or speed up the tune (for some reason). Go you YouTube and search “Sinatra Karaoke”. I find some of these quit stunning.
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    Joe Comfort on bass and Bill Richmond on drums?
  3. I'm no expert, but I'd guess Comfort and Irv Cottler or (Alvin?) Stoller. I'd love to find out.